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Armed police patrol Canterbury Cathedral amid terrorist fears

Security has been increased following the murder of Fr Jacques Hamel Police with guns are patrolling Canterbury Cathedral amid fears about terror attacks. T…

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Oregon gunman was targeting Christians, eyewitness claims

Chris Harper-Mercer was reportedly asking victims their religion before shooting them The gunmen who killed at least 9 people at a college shooting in the US…

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Pope Francis: ‘EU must reform and give members more independence’

Pope Francis is calling for the European Union to come up with new creative ways to stay together following Britain’s planned exit, saying it’s clear “something…

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Is the current rite of episcopal ordination invalid?

Full Question A Traditionalist friend claims that the current form for the rite of ordaining bishops, promulgated by Pope Paul VI, is invalid and does not …

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The Efficacy of the Holy Rosary

The Rosary is a very vital and powerful tool in the Catholic Church. Praying the Holy Rosary helps us to defeat the challenges that we may encounter in our dail…

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The origin of the Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross which follow the path of Christ from Pontius Pilate’s praetorium to Christ’s tomb have been a popular devotion in parishes, especially…

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What does it mean that Jesus sweated blood?

Full Question I'm trying to understand the Passion of Our Lord better. What does it mean that Jesus sweated blood? Answer There is a known medical …

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Most Catholics in Massachusetts legislature support Planned Parenthood, study shows

A study by a lay activist group has shown that most of the Catholics serving in the state legislature support Planned Parenthood. The Catholic Action League …

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Mexicans celebrate Pope's visit with an art piece

Pedro Francisco Rodríguez a Mexican artist has appealed to the public to help in making a larger-than-life sculpture of Pope Francis to celebrate his momentous …

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Brother of Kidnapped Indian Priest in an Extraordinary act for his kid-brother’s Safe return

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The 73-years-old Mathew Uzhunnalil, elder brother of the Indian kidnapped priest (Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil) has gone on exile from his occupation and family to cry-out to God in an unceasing prayer for the safety of his kid-brother Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil who was kidnapped by ISIS in Aden, Yemen, in early March. Mr. Mathew Uzhunnalil with a painful heart retreated to their family home in Ramapuram of Gujarat, where all of the eight Uzhunnalil’s siblings were born and brought up.

Mathew Uzhunnalil from the Uzhunnalil’s ancestral home in Ramapuram told Catholic News Service (CNS) of his hopes saying “I am waiting for clear good news. Until then, I will stay at home,"

Mathew Uzhunnalil have lived in their ancestral home where he and the rest of his siblings all grew, which located in the midst of rubber plantations, he is living without any radio or TV (to avoid distractions of any kind to his prayers). He told CNS he would remain there until “only after I have clear news about Fr Tom", his 56-year-old younger brother.

Mathew Uzhunnalil said people have been coming to him to how the Indian foreign minister said his brother was safe. The government also assured a delegation from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India that the government was exploring all possible means for his “quick and safe release".

“A lot of people are coming here [to the house] and even hold prayer meetings [for the safety of the priest]," he told CNS.

“I pray, recite the rosary and read," Mathew Uzhunnalil replied when asked how he spent time in the home.

“Leave everything in God’s hands and trust in him. Everything is secure in God’s hands," Mathew Uzhunnalil said, quoting a book his sister gave him years ago.

Reflecting on the deep faith of younger brother, Mathew Uzhunnalil said: “Fr Thomas is a very cool and quiet person."

He recalled that his brother shared what he used to tell the Missionaries of Charity in the evenings at the old-age home in Aden, where four nuns and 12 others were killed when the priest was kidnapped.

“We got one more day today. Let us thank God for that," Mathew Uzhunnalil said, quoting the kidnapped priest.


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  1. Laverne & Harriet Bina Reply

    We too, will pray for Father Tom. May God protect him and may Father Emil Kapaun give him courage!

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