09 Oct 2015 Americas News No comments

Chile: Pope criticized for defending bishop

Pope Francis’s defense of the appointment of Bishop Juan Barros of Osorno, Chile, has angered the bishop’s opponents, who have been holding regular protests. …

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11 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

Is the story of Jonah and the whale a myth?

Full Question Is the story of Jonah and the whale a myth? Answer Catholics are free to understand the story of Jonah and the whale as literal his…

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17 Nov 2015 News USA Comments (3)

The Time has come for we all to Unite against Terrorism - World Catholic leaders

The Catholic world leaders in a meeting condemned the terrorist attack on Paris which have claimed over 129 lives and left many injured. In the Meeting, the lea…

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20 Sep 2016 News Comments (3)

'Do they understand?' Bishops warn not to trust social media for relationship advice

Divorced Catholics who have remarried civilly are welcome to seek reconciliation with the Church, but they need to be sure they're following the right path, som…

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Pope Francis blesses Haiti with amazing gift

Pope Francis saw the devastation left behind after Hurricane Matthew crashed through Haiti and decided to respond When Matthew tore through buildings, destro…

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28 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Can Atheists Be Good Without Belief in God?

One of the most passionately held beliefs among atheists and agnostics is that they can be morally good without belief in God. The underlying assumption i…

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28 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

Can divorced individuals become godparents or sponsors for baptism and confirmation?

Full Question Can divorced individuals become godparents or sponsors for baptism and confirmation? Answer If the person in question is living a l…

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Pope offers prayers for victims of Turkey suicide bombing

A suicide bomber killed 51 people at a Kurdish wedding party on Saturday Pope Francis has offered prayers for the victims of Saturday’s suicide bombing in Turk…

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Archbishop of Canterbury: Anglicans ‘must have space for deep disagreement’

Amid division within the Anglican Communion over homosexuality and women’s ordination, Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury invited the 37 Anglican primates to…

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The Essential Characteristics of a good Catholic

Over 90% of Catholics today are Catholics by birth, this is why most of them have a different view of what they ought to be doing as Catholics; because most parents didn’t educate their children properly on the basic practice and believe required of them as Catholics right from the very onset. This is the same reason why most Catholics have no chance when it comes to defending the Catholic faith in the midst of arguments or confusions.

It’s vital beyond all things that we get to know, even if not all but at least the basic things required of us by the Church we fellowship with towards acknowledging God. Not just that we would be able to win arguments or settle confusions, but to be able to benefit for our individual souls the one thing that is essential (which is eternal Life) that have been given to us by God through Jesus Christ. To attain this eternal life we need to be children of God by our Faith in him which is determinant on our good works here on earth. Therefore as Christians under the Catholic Church we ought to know the practices of the church that will enable us to be full partakers of the glorious gift of eternal life.

As Catholics we are primarily expected to live a Christian life, pray daily, participate in the sacraments, obey the moral law, and accept the teachings of Christ and his Church. The most basic practices are as follows:

1. Firstly be born-again (i.e. accept Jesus as our Lord and savior) and be baptized

2. Accept the Faith of the Catholic Church

3. practice the faith of the Catholic Church, which basically implies the following:

a) Attend Mass every Sunday and holy day of Obligation

b) Go to confession annually if not more often or when needed.

c) Receive Holy Communion during Easter. Receiving weekly or daily is encouraged, though.

d) Observe laws on fasting and abstinence: one full meal on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday; not eating meat on Fridays during Lent.

e) Obey the marriage laws of the Church.

f) Support the Church financially and otherwise.



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    Can you published this in Spanish?

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    Nice job, please keep the good work going

  3. Cj Reply

    Good start! Also to live and speak the gospel to people as the Lord allows…

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    I like to read your articles, they are wonderful. It would be nice to see the questionable “clickbait” ads removed… Let’s try to reduce Satan’s ways of introducing sin

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