24 Oct 2014 USA Comments (9)

Ebola survivor Nina Pham: I believe in the power of prayer

Washington D.C., Oct 24, 2014 / 12:08 pm .- Nina Pham, a Dallas nurse who has been battling Ebola after treating a patient in Texas, has now been declared free …

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14 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (2)

Is Pope Francis the Final Roman Pontiff?

Have you heard? Tom Horn and Cris Putnam have written the book of books demonstrating Pope Francis to be the last pope. Yes, folks, the end of the world is upon…

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25 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (3)

The shocking NEW reason why young people are leaving church

It's a surprising find, but it's also true. Americans are giving up on God. A Pew survey reveals that half of the people who have quit going to church no longer…

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22 Jul 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Only God Makes Degrees of Goodness Intelligible

It never ceases to amaze me how so many things in life can be a point of departure for reasoning to God’s existence. For example, I look at a cup suspended abov…

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30 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Is it possible to be Catholic and a body-builder?

Full Question Is it possible to be Catholic and a body-builder? I don't see why God would not want me to be my physical best, but I can see how he wouldn't…

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The Pleasures of Riot

'The urge to destroy is also a creative urge,' wrote the nineteenth century Russian anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin. He might, more accurately, have described it as…

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Catholic peer meets President Assad

Lord Hylton was part of a delegation that met Bashar al-Assad during a week-long trip to the country A Catholic peer met Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in Da…

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21 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Synod dispute over Communion issue rachets up

  The dispute between conservative Cardinal George Pell of Australia and the more liberal German bishops broke out into the open Wednesday, with the Ger…

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02 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (7)

What is Purgatory?

For the Catholic Purgatory is a period of purification after death. When we die, our souls are judged immediately by Christ in what's called the "Particular …

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The Holy Father celebrates Mass for the Third Sunday of Advent called “Gaudete Sunday”

Pope Francis celebrated the Holy Mass for the Third Sunday of Advent,which is usually called Gaudete Sunday at the basilica of St. John Lateran. The day is usually referred to by its Latin name, Gaudete Sunday, which means “Rejoice" as the birth of the Savior draws near.

During his homily, the Holy Father said that Gaudete Sunday is known as the “Sunday of joy,” and said that instead of fretting about “all they still haven’t” done to prepare for Christmas, people should “think of all the good things life has given you.”

Pope Francis said that Christian joy comes from prayer, and from giving thanks to God, and is a serene peace, which exists even in times of suffering.

He said it “hurts to see Christians with a bitter face, restless with bitterness because they are not at peace,” adding that “saints have the face of joy,” and noting that no one has ever seen a saint with “a sad face."

Pope Francis reflected on the day’s reading from the Gospel of Saint Luke, in which the people asked John the Baptist what they must do to prepare for the coming of the Savior.

“The Baptist’s response was immediate," he said, noting how John’s invitation to act justly and to look after those in need also extends to each of us today.

While John’s demands were a reflection of what the law already prescribed, “we, however, are prompted toward a more radical commitment," Francis said.

In the contest of a history filled with great abuse and violence, especially by those in power, “God knows that he will reign over his people, he would never leave them at the mercy of the arrogance of its leaders, and will free them from all anxiety," the Pope said.

“Today we are asked not to let our hands grow weak because of doubt, impatience or suffering," but to place our trust in Lord,He added.

Pope Francis before commencing the Holy Mass started by praying at entrance of the Basilica,after which he opened the Basilica’s Holy Door for the Jubilee of Mercy and was followed through by co-celebrants of the Mass and lay faithful

One of the intriguing fact about the Pope Francis’ opening of the Holy Door is that it marks the first time in history that Holy Doors will be open in each Dioceses.

On Gaudete Sunday, Cathedrals around the world will be joining the Holy Father to open Holy Doors. Cardinal James Harvey celebrated Mass and opened the Holy Door at basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls.


The “simple sign" of opening the Holy Door is itself an invitation to joy, Pope Francis said, because “it begins a time of the great forgiveness. It is the Jubilee of Mercy."

The Jubilee is a time to rediscover the presence of God in the world as well as his fatherly tenderness, he said, explaining that God “doesn’t like rigidity. He’s a father, he’s tender."

The rite of the opening of the Holy Door is intended to symbolically illustrate the idea that the Church’s faithful are offered an “extraordinary path” toward salvation during the time of jubilee.

The doors are only opened during jubilee years so that pilgrims can enter through them in order to gain the plenary indulgence that is connected with the jubilee.


Pope Francis closed his homily by praying that everyone who passes through the Holy Door, the “Gate of Mercy," would understand and welcome “the infinite love of our Heavenly Father, who transforms and renews life."



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