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08 Apr 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis will visit refugees in Greece, Vatican announces

The Vatican announced on Thursday 7th April that Pope Francis will travel to the Greek island of Lesbos next Saturday, April 16, where he will meet with ecumeni…

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22 May 2016 Articles Comments (10)

Jesus appeared in the Sky at Mexico, before over 2000 witnesses: The “Miracle of Ocotlán”

The  “Miracle of Ocotlán” is a miracle that many who are no Mexicans have barely heard of. Even in Mexico today there are people who have not heard of the mirac…

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02 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (3)

What do Catholic mean by "Tradition"?

Catholic Tradition often seems odd to those outside the Catholic Church. People assume it's something that we just... "made up." Sacred Tradition comes fr…

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20 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

Living Lent

Scott P. Richert is the author of numerous articles on Catholic moral, social, political, and historical issues. Since 2007, he has been the Guide to Catholicis…

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28 Oct 2016 News No comments

Closing the door on refugees is not the answer, says Pope

The Pope urged the Church to welcome migrants at his general audience yesterday Closing doors to immigrants and refugees is not the answer – in fact, it only h…

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23 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (8)

If the Bible says we are only to follow God's Commandments, how can the Church require its members to follow…

Full Question If the Bible says we are to follow the Commandments of God and not the traditions of men, how can the Catholic Church require, under penalty …

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06 Nov 2015 News Vatican No comments

A World without Poverty - Pope Francis

In his quest towards ensuring the Catholic Church supports the poor and the needy, Pope Francis invited a homeless street vendor for an intimate meeting at the …

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29 Dec 2015 Middle East - Africa News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis Sends Condolence message to Nnewi Gas Plant explosion victims

An industrial gas tank exploded on 26th December, in a town called Nnewi in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, killing lots of people who lined up to fill their…

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13 Oct 2015 Articles No comments

Why weren’t all priests able to absolve the sin of abortion already?

Q. I’m curious about the fact that to mark the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis will allow all priests to absolve the sin of abortion. Why isn’t that true already? I…

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The Holy Father Sends his prayer and condolence to victims of Earthquake in Taiwan

The Holy Father sends his prayerful condolence to the victims of the 6.4 earthquake hit on earthquake on Taiwan on Saturday. Around 38 people lost their lives in the disaster, and over 100 reported reported to be hospitalized. Around 310 were rescued from the rubbles of collapsed buildings, yet around 100 that are missing are suspected to be still trapped in the rubbles.

A statement released by the Vatican, signed by secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said “the Holy Father was saddened to learn of the suffering caused by the deadly earthquake.”

“(The Pope) sends prayerful condolences to the families of the deceased and injured, as well as to rescue personnel and the civil authorities.

Commending on the departed souls, the Holy father invokes abundant divine blessings of consolation and strength upon those who mourn and upon all who have been affected by this tragedy.


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