The Miracle that inspired the popularly known ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ to become Catholic till death

Sir Alec Guinness a Hollywood actor who have featured in several movies including the 20th centuries movies like “Star wars” where he became more popular and known to many as “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. He is known for his matured sense of art and entertaining gestures in his movies, he have won several awards in the movie industry.

Growing up from a broken home after been born in 1914 Guinness has always bumped from one church to another, as well as from one religion to another. He wasn’t static in his quest for God. Though many who knew his background said he could be identified most time as an Anglican when he was much of a young growing man.

The true revelation of what God can be to a man and the gifts of God to mankind fell open to him during a rehearsal of a G. K. Chesterton’s story, where Sir Alec Guinness took the role of a crime-solving Catholic Priest. As Sir Guinness walked down the streets dressed in his Priestly robe a little boy ran towards him from nowhere, disrupting him and held him so warmly with a deep sense of security and joy, “as if he had found all that mattered”

The trust and affection the child had for Catholic priests had a deep impact on him and made him start to seriously consider Catholicism. He later explained:

“Continuing my walk, I reflected that a Church that could inspire such confidence in a child, making priests, even when unknown, so easily approachable, could not be as scheming or as creepy as so often made out. I began to shake off my long-taught, long-absorbed prejudices.”

Sir Guinness said “soon within that same month I had this impacting encounter, my son, Matthew suffered  a contracted polio that was taking him away from me and my wife.” Desperately seeking for God’s grace Sir Guinness takes his son Matthew to a nearby local Catholic church and prayed to God. He said in his fervent prayer before God he made a promise to God: That if God heals Matthew, he would let Matthew become catholic if he wants. And Miraculously Matthew recovered.

Since that day till Sir Alec Guinness died in 2000, he, his wife and his son Matthew remained devoted Catholics.




  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Whoa. Good thing he didn’t make Jephthah’s promise:

    Judges 11:1-11, 29-33. Jephtah was a man of outstanding military ability who rose from despised beginnings (he was illegitimate) to become a leader of Israel. In the heat of battle he promised God that if he was victorious he would offer as sacrifice the first thing that met him when he returned home from the battle.

    Judges 11:34-40. Jephtah won the battle and returned home. As he approached his house, his beloved only daughter ran out to meet him. When she was told about her father’s rash promise, she courageously accepted the fact that she must die. For two months before her death she went up into the mountains with her companions, where she lamented that she would never know married love, and never hold her child in her arms. She returned, and the vow was carried out.

    Can you imagine worshipping a god who would actually collect on that promise?

    The real “miracle” of course, was Jonas Salk inventing the polio vaccine in the mid-50s. Had the RCC not held off all manner of scientific discovery for so long, it’s possible that this scourge could have been eliminated much earlier.

  2. John Bosco Sunn. Reply

    Bitter comment… And having a very good. Biblical knowledge . But more important is the devotion and love for God, not bible scholarship and glib talking bible bashing factos… Things have come and go. The catholic church has remained. The roman empire collapsed, so did communism. Churches have sprung up like mushrooms and also died as soon as mushrooms. But the church has become stronger and more justified by the Love ❤ of God.
    God bless you Patrick Gannon. May God’s grace and love ❤ lead you to discover the one true church ⛪…

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Yes, it was a bitter comment. It upsets me when people claim that God answered their prayers, because if He did, it means that He ignored the prayers of billions of other people, thousands of whom are children,some of whom will die in agony before I finish this post. God is not answering their prayers, or their parent’s prayers, or any of the other people desperately praying for HIs intercession. He is too busy answering the prayers of a movie star. That is supposed to impress me?
      Catholicism is only one among many churches, and I’m not sure you could argue that it’s become stronger as compared with its competitors. The Hindu religion started in 1500 BCE and is still going strong. The first mention of Israel on an artifact is 1213-1203 BCE, indicating the start of Judaism. Buddhism began in the 6th century BCE and also remains strong. Catholicism started, one might argue in 33 CE or more accurately 325 CE at the Council of Nicea. Islam started in 610 CE and I’ve read that it’s the fastest growing religion. Then you have all the Protestant denominations, the most fundamentalist of which are growing, while the mainline denominations are in retreat. I would have to go look it up again, but I recall a Pew Research study that indicated for every person baptised Catholic, 6 leave the Church. I’m not sure of the numbers on a global basis, but in the US, the fastest growing group is the “nones,” meaning “none of the above” when asked what religion one practices.
      How has the love of God been manifested in the Catholic Church? Through the deaths of thousands of children week in and week out because the poorest and least able to afford large families are mandated to do so by being denied contraception under threat of eternal torment? How about God’s love being manifested in the degenerate behavior of a group of supposedly celibate men dressed in robes, raping children with support of the Church hierarchy? Maybe God is shining His love down on the RCC in the form of financial scandals? God doesn’t shine down love when it comes to LGBT people, does He? Too bad they got that bible quote wrong. What Jesus really said was, “God hates figs,” as illustrated by Jesus’ hissy fit when a fig tree didn’t produce fruit out of season. Somehow it came out, “God hates fags,” and the rest is unfortunate history! But then, the Church translated “virgin,” “hell,” and “eternal” incorrectly as well, so it’s not surprising that they got it wrong.
      There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and there isn’t a scrap of objective, empirical evidence to help any of them determine which is the one and only god – if any. The Abrahamic gods are on very shaky foundations because they are based on things that didn’t happen, like The Exodus from Egypt and conquest of Canaan, from which Moses and the Genesis myths were derived. These events didn’t happen and archaeologists have given up the search for evidence that they did, as fruitless. Without these events, there is no justification for any of the Abrahamic gods – Yahweh, Jesus or Allah. They are all based on a mythical god that was introduced by way of events that never happened. It’s all made up. That doesn’t mean there’s no god, only that the Abrahamic gods are man-made characters. We don’t know if there really is a god.
      The only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know if there are any gods or afterlives. Our brains know this. We know that we have no objective, empirical evidence for these things, but we lie to ourselves and say we believe in this, that or the other god or afterlife. I don’t see how this can’t help but set up a cognitive conflict in our brains that cannot be healthy for us, and which might help to explain the hostility that religions and religious people tend to foster.

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