New UN report lists crimes committed by ISIS militants

A new report according to the UN says at least 18,800 civilians have been murdered, more than 3.2 million people displaced as a result of the crisis and some 36,245 others injured in Iraq between Jan 2014 and October 2015, meanwhile more than 3000 people are still held as slaves under Isis captivity in Iraq.

The ISIS terrorist group continues to brag about their widespread violence and killings that result to sadistic and barbaric crimes against humanity and mankind.

According to the UN Assistance Mission in the country, those being held as slaves by Isis are mostly women and children and come primarily from the Yezidi community. ISIS have also continued to subject these women and children to sexual brutality,especially in the form of sexual slavery.

“ISIS continues to commit systematic and widespread violence and abuses of international human rights law and humanitarian law. These acts may, in some instances, amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly genocide," the UN report says.

ISIS have committed “gruesome public spectacles, including by shooting, beheading, bulldozing, burning alive and throwing people off the top of buildings", it continues.

The report documents multiple examples of acts of wickedness carried out by the group in Iraq against Christians.


Documented cases of IS abuse in 2015
10 July: IS militants force victims to lie down in central Mosul in front of large crowd. A bulldozer is driven over them

4 June: Two young males and a 60-year-old man thrown from a building in Ninewa for alleged homosexual acts

1-2 August: IS militants allegedly kill 19 women in Mosul for refusing to have sex with fighters

21 June: Women offered as sex slaves to the top three winners of a Koran memorisation competition in Mosul

23 June: IS group video shows men placed in a car and hit by rocket-propelled grenade; men drowned in a cage; men decapitated with explosives

12-15 July: Four imams in Mosul accused by self-appointed IS court of conducting forbidden taraweeh Ramadan prayers. Shot in the head

Source: UN Report on the Protection on Civilians in the Armed Conflict in Iraq 1 May-31 October 2015




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