06 Jun 2015 Vatican Comments (1)

Australian bishops: ‘Don’t mess with marriage’

The bishops of Australia have released “Don’t Mess with Marriage," a pastoral letter on the same-sex marriage debate. “It is unjust, gravely unjust, to legit…

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22 Aug 2016 Middle East - Africa News USA Vatican No comments

Christians tied and Hacked to Death for their Faith

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has seen a dramatic rise in Christian persecution, leaving at least 36 Christians hacked to death. According to the Ca…

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20 Nov 2015 News USA No comments

National Collections to be used to complete shrine mosaic in Washington

Cardinal Donald W Wuerl of Washington who serves as the chairman of the shrine’s board of trustees has requested for financial aid in decorating the central dom…

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07 Sep 2016 News No comments

'I've turned my disability into my ability': Blind Paralympic swimmer follows St. Teresa's lead

Disabled swimmer creates program to help the homeless. McClain Hermes is a 15-year-old girl from Dacula, Georgia doing amazing things. LOS ANGELES, CA (Ca…

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15 Sep 2015 Americas News No comments

Chilean cardinals discussed blocking abuse victim's speech, leaked emails show

A Chilean newspaper has published an email exchange between two cardinals, in which the prelates discussed plans to block a sex-abuse victim from speaking at a …

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11 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Do those who die in mortal sin get a second chance to repent?

Full Question Does the Catholic church teach that someone dying with mortal sin always goes to hell? With so many unexpected deaths, accidents, there must …

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04 Oct 2016 Articles Comments (3)

4 Reasons Mary Is “Blessed Among Women"

“And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and she exclaimed with a loud cry, …

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11 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

Art for Goodness’ Sake

The Virgin of Humility (1435-1445) by Fra Angelico (Bl. Giovanni da Fiesole). Located in the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain. How many famous artis…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles No comments

Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of the Rosary Feast Day: October 7th When the Holy League fleet of Christian allied forces (the Papacy, Spain, the Republic of Venice, Knights Hosp…

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The Problem of Evil

Evil takes many forms in our world—all the different kinds of sin people commit, and all the forms of suffering they experience.

Sometimes evil is subtle and unnoticed, but other times it is shocking, obvious, and undeniable. When that happens, people invariably ask the same question . . .

Why would a good God allow this to happen?

This is what philosophers and theologians call “the problem of evil," but you don’t have to be a philosopher or a theologian to feel the force of the argument. At one point or another in life, everyone feels the weight of this argument.

Many people have lost their faith because of it. Others have been tormented by doubts, particularly when they or a loved one are suffering.

That makes the problem of evil the greatest challenge to the Faith.

And that’s why I recently recorded a DVD in which I tackle the problem head on.

I’m Jimmy Akin, and in The Problem of Evil,I draw on my decades of experience to cover the key aspects of the problem:

  • I explain what it is and why it’s so important
  • I cover the failed answers that you should neveroffer anyone
  • I show you what the Church teaches about evil and why God allows it
  • I offer seven key insights that you can offer people who find their faith wavering—or who have lost their faith altogether—because of sin and suffering
  • And I show you how you can turn the problem of evil on its head and use it against skeptics


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  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    There simply is no good theist answer to what happens in reality. All theodicies are laughable.

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