The Reason Why this 14-foot statue of Our Lady is underwater?

A video of a statue of Our Lady, protecting a coral reef in the Philippines has gone viral. Perhaps the most curious thing about the statue is that it is situated underwater.

Off the coast of the Bohol province in the Philippines, is a 14-foot statue of the Virgin Mary, situated underwater. To visit the statue requires scuba gear. Divers visit the statue regularly to honor Our Lady.

The beautiful statue was placed on the reef to stop dynamite fishing by locals. The dynamite destroys the reef and kills sea life indiscriminately. Fishermen harvest only the fish they want, and leave the rest to decay.

This practice is traditional, but it is also destructive and arguably inconsistent with our mission to serve as stewards of the planet. The statue of Our Lady protects the reef, providing sanctuary for all live, both human and animal.

As we marvel at Our Lady, we need to pray for the well being of the fishermen who rely on the waters for their livelihood. We pray they enjoy abundance. We also pray for the preservation of the reef and the land upon which they depend for survival. May the people and nature coexist in harmony. May God provide for all.

May we be reminded by Our Lady that we are stewards of God’s creation. Our dominion over the land and see does not mean we are entitled to strip nature bare. Instead, we are obligated to care for both, and to use the harvest we are given from God for the benefit of all our brothers and sisters.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    How many of those fishermen are simply trying to feed the kids the Church forced them to have under threat of eternal torment if they used contraception? The Church creates a problem then condemns the poor choices people make in trying to deal with the problem the Church itself is largely responsible for.
    When did this practice start? In 1960 there were about 25 million people there, today, a half century later, there are 100 million, a four-fold increase. Think of a petri dish with only so many nutrients (like an island with only so many resources) and then think of a virus eating up those resources until they are gone and they die catastrophically in their own wastes. The Church’s answer is to speed up the growth of the virus. Bring about Armageddon faster. They are suicidal and need to be restrained for their own good as well as ours!
    To be fair, Filipinos are throwing off their Catholic masters just like everyone else who embraces logic and reason, and they are embracing contraception in order to avoid this disaster. The population growth rate is flattening, and the reproduction rate is down, which is good since there are so many unemployed young people there.

  2. Edwin Subijano Reply

    CHildren are not the cause of poverty. Corruption and imperialism is !!!

  3. Gary Mattscheck Reply

    I’m Protestant.Could I still make the sign of the Cross in front of the Blessed Virgin?

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