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7 Tips for Staying Motivated

Change Metrics Many times as church leaders or leaders in general sense, we find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster of results. We tend to be so number…

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24 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Change is Constant and Christians must too, but with Christ in mind: Pope Francis

Pope Francis in his homily in his today's early morning mass emphasized on the fact that though the world system is changing fast and things ain't the way they…

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10 Nov 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Jesus is Not the Property of Liberal Commentators

In a piece originally published onAlternet that has appeared this week on, Frank Schaeffer claims,“Conservative Christians would have hated Jesus."It’…

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Catholic congressman to boycott Pope’s address over climate change

Arizona Republican says he cannot attend if Holy Father focuses on 'flawed' climate science An American Catholic congressman has announced he is boycotting P…

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Vice President Biden 'really excited' about papal visit

US Vice President Joseph Biden said that he is “really excited" about this week’s visit to Washington by Pope Francis, whom he sees as “the embodiment of the Ca…

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Cardinal Pell responds to reports of synod letter

The text of a letter allegedly written by 13 cardinals to Pope Francis is inaccurate, said Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the Vatican's Secretariat for the Ec…

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Funeral held at Catholic Church for boy killed by alligator in Florida

The funeral of a two-year-old boy killed in an alligator attack in Florida has been held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Nebraska. Lane Thomas Graves was…

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Did Peter live in Rome?

Some Fundamentalists in order to run away from the doctrine of the papacy would deny totally that Peter was ever in Rome. However, history proves Peter was in R…

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We're not saying it's aliens... Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle SOLVED?

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may have finally been solved. Scientists studying satellite images of the area noticed something bizarre and have made a dis…

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Things to never say to your wife for a more lasting marriage

“You look okay"

Your wife is never average, she can never be just “okay", she is always GREAT, WOW, WONDERFUL. Women are pretty into the way they look and need to be with a man who constantly makes them self-confident with great compliments. So never be conservative with those compliments, let your wife have them. She should be to you the youngest, prettiest and most attractive woman alive, and SHE SHOULD KNOW THESE FROM YOU, EVERY TIME.

“Woman, I am the man of this house"

Women do not need to hear this and such condescending comments from their husbands. They know how hard you work to provide for the family, how you’re the leader of the household, but you needn’t remind them that to make your point. You must recognize and show your wife that you are both equal, that you adore and respect her, and then she’d be at her best. A family is better balanced when the man is the humblest, trust me.

“My ex/Mom does that better"

If you do not want your wife to turn on you like a pack of wolves, never compare her to your mum or anyone else for that matter. Everyone hates to be compared with others. You can make your point and correct her gently without even making her feel offended. You need to be playful and sensitive.


Try to never use that word on your wife; I’ve learnt how much women hate to hear that. Try using “Right away baby" instead. (Laughs)

“She’s a little slimmer though…"

In talking about how your wife resembles another woman, always remember she’s slimmer and a billion times more beautiful that whoever it is you want to compare her to.

“Baby, you’re getting fat lately, why not join a gym"

Before you say this, consult your lawyer, sign your will and prepare to die. Dude, you will surely die. (Laughs)



  1. Steve Reply

    You are funny but great tips

  2. Kurt Reply

    These are some Great Tips! But Always S A y I love you No Matter what!!!!!Married Now For 28 year’s Godbless…Kurt.

  3. Emy Reply

    I agree, very funny; you just made my day 😛

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