The Time has come for we all to Unite against Terrorism – World Catholic leaders

The Catholic world leaders in a meeting condemned the terrorist attack on Paris which have claimed over 129 lives and left many injured. In the Meeting, the leaders made reference not only the Paris Attacks but the bombing blast attacks on Beirut  too which left at least 46 people dead and more than 200 people injured.

The World Catholic Leaders call on everyone to stand up and unite in love to fight terrorism for the good of our brothers and sisters in various dangerous regions that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

“The time has come for the world to stand united against terrorism and to confront the reasons of terrorism, such as feelings of oppression, hatred, bad education and fanaticism, with no double standards,” said the Jerusalem-based Assembly of Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land.

They called for a unification of “forces of good” and “countries and followers of all religions against violence, which hits the world with increased brutality.” Otherwise, they said, it will hit everyone “sooner or later.”



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    How come nobody mentions the terrorism in Kenya last spring when 100+ students were killed at a college? Perhaps it doesn’t matter as much when the victims are black?

    This is never going to stop as long as mainstream religionists insist that their books are “holy” and “sacred.” Given this insistence, the people who follow those words to the letter are not terrorists, they are righteous believers doing what God or Allah told them to do.

    Israel is in the best position to start the discussion that the world needs to have. Leading archaeologists in Israel (as well as others from around the world) have determined that there is zero evidence for The Exodus. None. Not a spear tip, wagon wheel, shard of pottery or shield has ever been discovered in any of the places the Jews were said to have travelled – including Mt. Sinai. Egyptian history has nothing at all to support it. The story is a myth the Jews told themselves after the Persians kicked them out of Canaan and took them to Babylon. The bible says there were 600,000 fighting men, but Egypt, the superpower of the time, had the largest army in history – about 100,000 fighting men – yet they managed to keep the Jews as slaves? Hard to imagine that.

    Without the Exodus, the foundation for the Abrahamic religions falls apart. If Israel were to admit what it already knows, and agree that they aren’t “chosen people” and that the land was not given to them by God, they would pull the foundation out from under all three Abrahamic religions, and we could finally have the global discussion about religion that we need to have. I’m not proposing that Israel leave – after all possession is 9/10 of the law as we kids used to say; but they could start the most important discussion in all of human history if they chose to do so.

  2. Paul G Dextraze Reply

    Ouch! Please say, “The time has come for ‘us,’ not ‘we.’ Let’s preserve our beautiful language.

  3. Safdar Khan Reply

    The world war 3 is coming soon in sha Allah.
    We all Muslims will get revenge of ourselves in sha Allah.
    You christen people are blindly following Jews .
    You will have to die soon .
    Jews are going to be disappeare from world soon in sha Allah.
    We want war &war just war .
    We are Muslims .
    We are peaceful but now we are going to destroy whole bad population of the world in sha Allah.

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