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Guess who's coming to Dinner

Every year as we cycle through the calendar, the apologists at Catholic Answers can count on having to answer certain questions. From May through October,…

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Trained Swiss Guards Pledge to sacrifice their lives to protect the Pope

With their left hands clutching a standard and their right hands raised with three fingers open symbolising the Holy Trinity, 23 new Swiss Guard recruits have p…

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09 Dec 2015 Asia-Pacific News Comments (1)

Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis offers help to Syrian refugee family

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis has resettled a family of Syrian refugees despite Gov. Mike pence’s recent announcement that, due to security co…

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Four Ways that Same-Sex Marriage Will Affect You

Just hours after the U.S. Supreme struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on June 26, a comedy website (which shall remain unnamed and unlinked-to) offered read…

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Malawian bishops plead for food aid to avert humanitarian disaster

In Malawi, where 40 per cent of the population needs food aid, the country’s bishops have called for international help to avert a crisis. It is “dishearteni…

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Moscow patriarch praises Russian PM

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has sent a message to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on his fiftieth birthday. “Being notable for your professional c…

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Why do Italians sprinkle ashes on the head, instead of marking the forehead with them?

Full Question When I was in Rome, I noticed that blessed ashes were administered by sprinkling them on the crown of the head, rather than b…

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European bishops visit Holy Land to show solidarity and seek hope

European bishops are gathering in the Holy Land Sept. 11-16 to show closeness to Christians in the Middle East and to trace a path of hope for them, in an unpre…

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Exorcisms are on the rise. Here are some things you didn't know about exorcism and demonic posession

Exorcists are needed more than ever as more people experiment with atheism and sin. This is the warning from two of America's most in-demand exorcists. Two A…

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The Truth About Demons

SAN DIEGO: Catholic Answers Press’s latest release, Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment: Separating Fact from Fiction About the Spirit World,cuts through Hollywood myths about demonic possession and cautions Christians to avoid sensationalistic and spiritually dangerous attitudes towards the supernatural.

With popular interest in the occult at an all-time high, and even the pope warning us about demonic influence, Fr. Mike Driscoll saw the need for a careful corrective to the hype found both outside and inside the Church. His doctorate in counseling, decades of pastoral experience, and in-depth research into the Catholic practice of exorcism made him uniquely qualified to speak to the growing phenomena of reported demonic attacks and the upstart devil-fighting ministries that claim to ward them off.

“Many people are over-emotional on this subject," says Fr. Driscoll. “I wanted to sift through that and give a sober, objective look—from Church teaching and the testimony of working exorcists."

Part of that objectivity, he says, involves the ability to distinguish between mental illness and demonic influence. “Chronic mental and emotional problems may be exacerbated by demons," he says, “because the devil likes to attack us where we’re weakest. But not every problem has a demon behind it."

Such discernment, he adds, is too often lacking in so-called “deliverance ministries," which place undue emphasis on “spiritual warfare" against extraordinary demonic attacks and not enough on the less sensational way that most of us encounter the devil’s influence—in the daily temptations to sin.

“Every once in a while, Satan is a great dragon," says Fr. Driscoll, “but most of the time he’s just a little whispering serpent, trying to steer us away from following God’s will." And so Fr. Driscoll made a point to include in his book spiritual practices and prayers that will instill in us the grace and virtuous habits that are the ordinary—and for most of us the best—defense against demons.

Written by Fr. Mike Driscoll



  1. Eleno Joyas jr. Reply

    Lots of prayers and lots of good works and faith in God. And by the way, you need not go far there are multitudes around here in America.

  2. Tom Rafferty Reply

    It’s amazing how demons, devils, et al have been hidden from science, the best tool humanity has to understand reality. Why do you think that is so?

    1. Msiamcanadian Reply

      Tom- if this is all a figment of people’s imaginations- why are you wasting your time by posting? Science has yet to answer my question- so I’m finding your statement that “science is the best tool that humanity has to understand reality” a bit hard to swallow.
      Yes- even harder to swallow than God, and satan, and angels and souls and life after death.
      There’s plenty of proof out there if you look with your eyes open..

      1. Tom Rafferty Reply

        Why am I “wasting” my time by posting? Because I respect the truth found through evidence and not dogma. Show me anything other than science that does that. And, while you are at it, present one study that concludes that there probably is anything supernatural.

  3. Zorsha Reply

    Great read. Learned new stuff and was glad to see them touch on the mental illness issues which sometimes are confused for demonic possessions

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