The Viral Photo of St. Pope John Paul II’s Ghost behind Pope Francis

In February 2016 Pope Francis visited Mexico on Pastoral Visit, this attracted multitude of people from even beyond Mexico alone. It was a visit that is said to be memorable.

A photo-shot had raised attentions since that visit as many came to believe that St. Pope John Paul II’s ghost was spotted in the photo-shot. In the picture St. Pope John Paul II is seen (faintly) sitting behind Pope Francis in the Papal mobile. This picture went viral over the social media.

The hype to the true presence of St. Pope John Paul II’s ghost present in the Popemobile rose so many questions that led to a proper investigation of the whole event and it was discovered that though the shot was real and original without any editing, but that the image was not St. Pope John Paul II’s ghost sitting there. But Cardinal Suarez Inda. Churchpop perfectly described it saying that “His face is blurred due to the movement of the photo, and the lighting is making it look like he’s wearing papal clothes. Other angles and a video make this very clear.”

Look at the Picture captured below and then carefully watch a Video of the same event and see what happened for yourself.

Here’s another photo of the same popemobile trip from a different angle:

Then Here’s the Video:


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