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03 Nov 2015 Europe News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis Prays for the lost souls from the Russian Plane Crash

The Vatican reports a view of sympathy and prayer from Pope Francis in relation to the Saturday’s Russian Plane crash that claimed the lives of all her 224 pass…

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24 Jun 2015 Exhortations Vatican No comments

Continue ecumenical dialogue in face of division, Pope says in message

Pope Francis, in a message released on June 23, recalled the 50th anniversary of the formation of the joint working group between the Catholic Church and the Wo…

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12 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

Since we have God's written word, why so much emphasis on oral tradition?

Full Question You place a lot of emphasis on oral tradition in the Catholic Church, but doesn't the fact that we have a written Bible show this was the way…

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23 Apr 2016 Middle East - Africa No comments

Mary’s Meals, the child hunger charity, is to launch a pilot project to feed Syrian refugees living in Lebanon

  More than 1.1 million refugees have fled to the country, the largest group compared to a country’s population in the world. More than 70 per cent a…

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10 Sep 2014 Articles Comments (59)

Receiving the Sacraments After Divorce and Remarriage

I recently got a call at Catholic Answers from a woman who had fallen away from the Church many years ago but had come back home after watching EWTN and listeni…

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22 Sep 2015 News USA Comments (1)

Move over Donald Trump – Pope Francis' approval ratings are much higher

Pope Francis can look forward to a warm welcome in the United States this week, from both Catholic and non-Catholic Americans. A new Rasmussen Reports poll o…

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09 Jul 2016 Americas Middle East News USA Vatican No comments

Italians restore 900-year-old mosaics at Bethlehem church

An Italian team has completed restoration of Crusader-era mosaics in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The mosaics will only be unveiled publicly afte…

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14 Sep 2015 Americas News No comments

Cuba releasing 3,522 prisoners before pope’s visit

Cuba announced Friday that it is releasing 3,522 prisoners ahead of next week’s visit by Pope Francis, the third time Cuba has granted inmates freedom before a …

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19 Jan 2016 Middle East News No comments

New UN report lists crimes committed by ISIS militants

A new report according to the UN says at least 18,800 civilians have been murdered, more than 3.2 million people displaced as a result of the crisis and some 36…

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The World Meeting of Families Catechism

Preparatory Catechesis
At each World Meeting of Families (WMOF), the host diocese writes a preparatory catechesis. This is a fundamental part of the meeting, and it elaborates on this year’s theme: “Love Is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.” Ten themes about love, joy, and the nature of the family embody the preparatory catechesis, which is available as a book and as lessons for children of all ages.

The ten themes of the preparatory catechesis are:

  1. Created for Joy – God loves us and wants us to share in His joy.
  2. The Mission of Love – God has a purpose for us, and He calls us to be witnesses.
  3. The Meaning of Human Sexuality – Our bodies have sacramental meaning.
  4. Two Become One – Man and woman are called to love one another according to God’s covenant.
  5. Creating the Future – A family is a domestic church in which parents show their children that God has a plan for them.
  6. All Love Bears Fruit – In every vocation, you are called to give your life to God.
  7. Light in a Dark World – The Church resists the temptations of the world in order to protect the family.
  8. A Home for the Wounded Heart – Christian families are sources of support for those struggling with painful life situations.
  9. Mother, Teacher, Family: The Nature and Role of the Church– Even when her members sin, we still need the spiritual nourishment of the Church.
  10. Choosing Life – Catholic families need courage to accomplish the mission God calls them to embrace.


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