Thieves caught trying to sell 11th Century Bible

The Bible has yet to be authenticated.

Turkish officials caught two men attempting to sell a stolen 11th Century Bible written on gazelle skin.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – The Bible, which is inscribed with crosses and what appears to be an image of Christ’s face, was confiscated in Aksaray, Turkey.

According to Daily Mail, the men were arrested on their way to sell the artifact to a potential buyer.

Daily Sabah explained the ancient Bible is currently under examination to determine whether it is authentic or not.

Unfortunately, the Bible was damaged and only contains 20 surviving pages.

The Bible has yet to be authenticated (CEN).

The Bible has yet to be authenticated (CEN).

Officers responded to a tip-off and named the men “SG” and “CU,” 53 and 42-years-old respectively.

It is currently unknown how the men came upon the Bible or what its condition was prior to their possession.

The city of Askaray was once a major Christian settlement, making the book’s authenticity a real possibility.

Unfortunately, when Muslims came into power in the 11th century, many Christian artifacts were snuffed out.


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