15 Jan 2016 News USA Comments (6)

Cardinal Dolan urges for Pro-Life movement to spread a vision of Love and Life

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York in a statement for the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, took aim at the “extreme ideology" of President Barac…

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21 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Expecting a million for the pope and praying they’ll come In the videotaped message, Pope Francis issues a personal invitation to pilgrims — “See you in Philadelphia!" — b…

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13 Oct 2016 News Comments (1)

Rudy Giuliani defends Trump on national television saying even St Augustine had a sinful past

The former New York mayor said that people can change following video backlash Hours before the presidential debate began in Sunday, former New York Mayor Rudy…

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10 Sep 2015 Middle East News Vatican Comments (1)

Saudi Arabia bans magazine with Pope Francis on cover

National Geographic issue not allowed for 'cultural reasons' Saudi Arabia has banned the Arabic version of National Geographic magazine, which features an im…

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22 Sep 2016 News Comments (1)

Don't forget about the people of Nigeria! Boko Haram continues to kill Christians

With all the attention focused on the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, it can be easy to forget that our Catholic and other Christian brothers and sisters in Ni…

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15 Dec 2015 Articles Comments (1)

The Story behind "Silent Night" - The famous Christmas carol song

The true story and origin of “Silent Night" began from the city of Salzburg, Austria of a young orphan weaver, Anna. She had no family and lived alone; the trad…

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31 Oct 2015 Q&A No comments

Is it true i don't need to confess to a priest but to God directly?

Question: Must i confess to a priest? Can't i go directly to God? Answer: Yes, but God wants you to go both ways, your forgiveness won't be complete without it…

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21 Oct 2016 News No comments

Iraqi Christians cautiously welcome start of battle to push ISIS from Mosul

Aid workers say the assault on the city is 'just the first of several phases' paving the way for Christians to return to their homeland Iraqi Christians are ca…

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09 Mar 2016 Europe Middle East News No comments

Catholic Aid leader alarms emergence of a new state of emergency due to refugee crisis at Greece-Macedonia border

With a rising number of refugees and migrants, traveling across the Mediterranean Sea to seek safe asylum in Greece, the migrant crisis in Greece is entering a …

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Things you probably say to your child that you shouldn’t: learn why its bad to say “I am proud of you”.

“I’m Proud of You”
In his book “Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence,” Dr. Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist says that you shouldn’t simply give your child a general statement of encouragement because: “Now the child feels responsible for parental pride (‘How you acted makes me proud to be me.’)”

Instead: “It’s better for the parent to place credit where it belongs: ‘Good for you,'” he suggests. This places the credit with the child and not the parent. Something to think about.

“Good Job”

“It is far more helpful in terms of encouragement and building self-esteem if you focus on how your child achieved whatever he or she accomplished.”

– Social psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Susan Newman

When you try more specific feedback your child will benefit from it more examples of scenarios below:
Your child brought home good grades: “You got all As, you must have worked really hard.”
Your child’s team won: “I liked the way you passed the ball so your teammate could score.”
Your child drew a nice picture: “What made you choose those pretty colors?” or “How did you figure out the design/shape?”

“Parental reactions like the above get a child thinking about the process and working toward a goal,” Newman says. “‘Great job, what a smart boy, you are wonderful’ and the like become white noise after a while.”

You Should Set a Good Example for Your Brother”

Older siblings can act out, perhaps out of jealousy due to the extra attention a younger sibling may be receiving.

Try this instead: Dr. Katharine Kersey, professor of early childhood education at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., suggests : “Your brother looks up to you; you’re such a good role model!”

“Wait Until Your Father/Mother Gets Home”

Never pass the buck, both parents should share equal responsibility in disciplining the child.

Try this instead: “You’re grounded for one week because you said a bad word.” Don’t postpone penalties — handle them yourself and right then.
“I Will Never Forgive You”,

It is tempting to say something like this in a haste when a child does something really terrible. However if we think about it, words like these could be truly damaging to a child. Pickhardt says, “Now the child feels that whatever has been done will forever be remembered against them.”

Try this instead: “It’s better for the parent to say: ‘What you did was harmful, but we will find a way to leave this behind us and carry on,'” he recommends. Take a deep breath or two to avoid making a hasty and damaging statement.

“I’m Ashamed of You”

Pickhardt thinks that this phrase “make the child feel like a disgrace in the family.”
instead: “It’s better for the parent to say: ‘Although I feel badly about what you did, as always I love who you are,” Kersey suggests.

“Don’t Worry, Everything Will Be OK”

Are your kids concerned or disturbed about something? Don’t brush aside their pains and worries — address them immediately. Dr. Newman says “better to explain how you as a parent will do everything you can to keep your child safe.”


“Here, I’ll Do it” : Do not let frustration and impatience make you take over a child’s tasks, help them learn and grow instead. Be patient and collaborate with them, they learn better and most importantly they feel loved.

“Don’t Cry” : Letting stuff out can be helpful sometimes. Do not encourage them to bottle thing up, help them deal with emotional issues.

“Thinking About Sex Is Bad at Your Age” : Do not lie to them about sex, let them know it is God who made those urges and teach them how to channel their energies to positive things and wait for the appointed them to express their sexual love in marriage.


We have picked out these ones, add more in the comment section below, and be generous to share !



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Wow. This is probably the best article I’ve read on this site. It sounds like great advice, and it has very little to do with religion – which might be why it all makes so much sense!

  2. Mary Reply

    I really love it.Thanks GOD’S bless you all

  3. Eileen Sianez Reply

    I was reluctant to read this but I did and it was very informative,thanks.

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