01 Feb 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis on the words of St. John Paul II: "The church lives an authentic life when she professes mercy…

In his catechesis last week Saturday which focused on the relationship between Mission and Mercy, the first of a series of special Jubilee audiences which will …

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03 Sep 2015 News USA Comments (3)

New poll confirms widespread dissent from Church moral teachings among US Catholics

Dissent from Church teachings on contentious moral issues is widespread among Catholic Americans, a new Pew Research survey has confirmed. A majority of Cath…

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03 Mar 2016 Middle East - Africa News USA Vatican No comments

An accomplice to the 2011 Bombing of a Catholic Church by islamic extremist arrested in Nigeria

The dreadful bomb explosion that claimed the lives of over Seventy catholics present at a Christmas mass of 2011 is one of the early great hits of the Islamic t…

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29 Feb 2016 Articles Comments (9)

Burning of Incense; Scriptural or not?

  In Roman Catholic tradition burning of incense is symbolic and this common practice often attracts criticism from non-Catholics. As Catholics it is ou…

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05 Aug 2016 News No comments

Dublin judge rules that the rights of the unborn extend ‘well beyond the right to life’

The landmark ruling has ramifications for the abortion debate in Ireland An Irish High Court judge has ruled that the rights of the unborn extend “well beyond …

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09 Jul 2016 Articles No comments

Why It’s Wrong to Force to Offer Gay Dating Services

In a stunning display of judicial overreach, a California judge has ruled that the website is guilty of discrimination because it offers dat…

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14 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Jesus shows us the path to freedom, not success, Pope says

The path Jesus takes as a humble servant isn’t easy, Pope Francis has said, explaining that to follow him doesn’t guarantee earthly success or honor, but rather…

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02 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Do these converts need to have their marriage convalidated?

Full Question Two of my friends are taking instructions to come into the Church. They are getting conflicting opinions as to whether they will need to "con…

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20 May 2015 Family Love Doctor with GM Alimba Resources Vatican No comments

Pope Francis warns parents against ceding children’s education to ‘experts’

Continuing his catechesis on the family, Pope Francis devoted his May 20 general audience to parents’ natural vocation to educate their children. Intellectual …

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Trump woos Catholic voters in EWTN interview

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Trump told Raymond Arroyo he had undergone a change of heart over abortion

Donald Trump has reached out to Catholic voters in a 15-minute interview with EWTN, the largest Catholic news network in the world.

Speaking to Raymond Arroyo, who hosts the network’s World Over programme, Trump spoke about his pro-life position and his concerns on religious liberty, and said Hillary Clinton should “do more than apologise" for senior Democrats’ remarks about Catholicism.

Asked about his recorded comments on groping, Trump said the stories were “all made up". When asked again by Arroyo, Trump went on: “That was locker-room talk. And just one of those things. I have it had, I’ve said it, I’ve made my apologies."

Asked whether he regretted the tone of his campaign, Trump replied: “Well, you know, I started with 17 people. And it was a very very nasty primary. And they were nasty to me. People think I was nasty, but they were nasty to me. And I ended up winning – I won 17, and it was actually 18 if you want to be exact."

He then said: “You can’t go back, you have to look forward. This was a nasty campaign, and you know, people don’t mention, but they were nasty to me, I think in many cases they were nastier to me than I was to them."

Arroyo asked Trump about his shift on life issues: in 1999, Trump said he was “very pro-choice" and supported partial-birth abortion, but today he describes himself as pro-life.

Trump said it was a “personal change", and that there were several experiences which changed his mind. One was knowing a couple, one of whom was pro-life, one pro-choice. “And the baby is such a magnificent person, who I know."

Arroyo then asked Trump about the HHS mandate, which would force some religious organisations to pay for contraception. The Little Sisters of the Poor and other organisations are challenging the mandate.

Trump said religious liberty was in “tremendous trouble", and said he was especially concerned about the law preventing religious leaders from publicly endorsing him.

He also said he opposed Hillary Clinton’s proposal of allowing more Syrian refugees to enter America. “We’re not vetting them properly," Trump told Arroyo. “We have no idea — are they ISIS? Are they not ISIS? Where are they coming from? Who they are? We’re taking them in by the tens of thousands right now, and Hillary Clinton wants to upgrade that by 550%. I would say to you it’s crazy to be doing this, and I will stop it immediately. We will not have radical Islamic terrorists coming into our country, and some of them will be radical Islamic terrorists."


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  1. Gina Reply

    Catholics are strong and loving, Trump is irrelevant to our religion.

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