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19 May 2016 Vatican Comments (1)

Catholics have filled the internet with venom and vitriol, says Vatican media advisor

Fr Thomas Rosica said many Catholics were guilty of character assassination and 'being against everyone and everything' Many Catholics on the internet are unch…

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26 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

On that Stormy Sea of Life

Our Catholic Answers chaplain has an answer for every problem. Fr. Serpa directs anyone in suffering, difficulty, or doubt to contemplate the cross: "See ho…

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16 Apr 2016 Articles No comments

Did the Vatican Outlaw "The Devil In Music?"

I’ve been playing in rock bands since about 1987, when my father bought me my first guitar. At the time, I was heavily influenced by heavy metal musicians…

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24 Jul 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (10)

How can I overcome sin in my Christian life?

Answer: The Bible presents several different resources to aid us in our effort to overcome sin. In this lifetime, we will never be perfectly victorious over si…

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21 Jan 2016 Q&A No comments

How do we sanctify the Lord's Day (Sunday and holy days)?

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church'   Sanctifying Sundays and holy days requires a common effort. Every Christian should avoid making un…

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21 Mar 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis reflects on the lessons of Palm Sunday

Pope Francis presided at the Procession and Mass for Palm Sunday at St. Peter’s Square to usher in the Holy Week. Palm Sunday is one of the Church’s major ce…

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08 Jul 2015 Articles No comments


From the very lips of Jesus, the new Moses, man is once again given the commandments of the Decalogue.  Jesus himself definitively confirms them and proposes th…

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14 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

More scheming outside the synod? Soros foundation rep attends LGBT lobby event

Attendees at an LGBT activist event lobbying the Synod of Bishops included an official from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, one of the most influential …

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17 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (1)

How to Make the Case for Marriage in the Catholic Church

Whether we like it or not, secularism is the dominant mode of public discourse today. Even those we encounter who are not "anti-faith" often place a high va…

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Vatican confirms World Meeting of Families to take place in Dublin in August 2018

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said the Pope hopes to attend but his participation cannot be confirmed at this stage

The 2018 World Meeting of Families in Ireland is part of a broad programme of renewal of the Church’s pastoral care for all families, said Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin.

“In Pope Francis’s mind, the IX World Meeting of Families in Dublin is not an isolated event. It belongs within a process of discernment and encouragement, of accompaniment and animation of families,” he said during a news conference at the Vatican on Tuesday.

“It belongs within a program of renewal of the Church’s pastoral concern and pastoral care for the family and for families,” he said.

Archbishop Martin and Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, presented the official theme of the encounter, which is held every three years.

The gathering is dedicated to “The Gospel of family, joy for the world,” and it will run from August 22-26, 2018, in Dublin.

At the news conference, Archbishop Martin again confirmed that Pope Francis would like to attend the meeting in Ireland in 2018, but he said a concrete schedule would be set closer to the actual date of the event.

The meeting’s preparation and celebration will be inspired in large part, Archbishop Paglia said, by Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), which followed a two-year-long synod process focused on families.

The post-synodal document, he said, demands “not a simple updating of family pastoral care, but much more — a new way of living the church, a new way of fulfilling that love that renders the life of the people of God, of families and of society happy.”

Archbishop Martin said he hoped the meeting would be “an important milestone in the application of the fruits of the synodal process.”

Archbishop Paglia said having the meeting in Ireland, which is “marked by a delicate moment of transition,” will help the country “recover the strength, energy and missionary zeal through the rediscovery of the vocation and mission of the family.”

All Christian communities and members of other religious faiths need to work together with government and civil society to find common ground in a “family spirit,” he said, in order to tackle “that individualist dimension that unfortunately is increasingly embroiling religious and civil settings all over the world.”

The meeting is meant to highlight the Christian ideal of marriage and family life, as well as to be a resource to accompany and encourage all those who “who can’t achieve the Christian ideal” as of yet, Archbishop Paglia said in response to a reporter’s question.

It will be about “inclusivity,” he said, in tune with the Pope’s approach in his ministry and the postsynodal document.

Archbishop Martin said in his talk that “the Church’s catechetical programs regarding marriage and the family need a complete overhaul in line with what Amoris Laetitia sets out,” and he hoped churches around the world would prepare for the Dublin meeting by sharing in that catechetical process.

The priority in planning is to look at what families are facing and, in Ireland, that includes great economic difficulties and a severe housing crisis. Some families in Dublin, he said, live in a hotel room “because there aren’t enough homes.”

The gathering is an opportunity to “encourage a very inclusive culture” for people who are struggling and want a more dignified life for themselves and their families, he said.

“In the face of the many challenges of a changing culture of marriage and the family, the Church is called to accompany families in a new way and to enable families to experience more profoundly the joy of living the Gospel of the family,” he said.

“It is also vital that Church and society commit themselves to enabling families to experience that joy more fully through appropriate political, social and economic measures which support families and help remove burdens which families face,” the Irish archbishop said.

The archbishop said it would be very important for the Pope to visit Northern Ireland and bring to completion the 1979 historic pilgrimage of St John Paul II, when rising tensions in the North made a visit there impossible.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Eamon Martin, the Primate of All Ireland, welcomed the announcement and thanked Pope Francis “for his inspiring choice of theme”.

“After World Youth Day in Krakow this July, the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in 2018 will be the next great global event in the calendar of the Universal Church. The Catholic Church in Ireland is blessed to have been chosen to host, for the first time, this special faith-filled event for families,” he said.

“It is my hope that families in every parish in the country will be able to participate in the preparation for the World Meeting, and that many families will take part in the various events being planned for late summer 2018. The World Meeting provides the perfect context for us to rediscover the vocation and mission of the family in the life of the Church and in Irish society.”


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