Vatican doctrine chief downplays expectations over women deacons

Pope Francis commissioned a study into the role of women deacons

The head of the Vatican’s doctrine office is suggesting little new will come from a study commissioned by Pope Francis into the role of women deacons, according to Associated Press.

Cardinal Gerhard Muller says the Vatican is putting together a list of experts for the study. But he says the focus will be historic in nature, studying the role of women deacons in the early church, and that regardless a comprehensive study was completed in 2002.

That study found that female deacons of the early Church cannot be compared to the ordained male diaconate of today.

Pope Francis made headlines when he agreed to a request by a nun to set up the commission.

Ordained deacons preside over baptisms, marriages and funerals.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Pope Francis isn’t really in charge, is he? This happens again, and again, and again. The pope proposes something and shortly afterwards we get articles saying he doesn’t really mean it and that he isn’t going to change anything. Talk about the guy who keeps crying “Wolf!” Nobody is going to believe a word the pope says…. or is that actually the intent?

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