Vatican reveals Pope John Paul II lasts words

Let me go to the house of the Father." These were Pope John Paul II’s last words, mumbled in polish with a weak voice, six hours before reaching the house of the father.

The Vatican already revealed many of the details in a meticulously written report, but the 220-page volume provides more description of John Paul II’s decline. It went on sale at the Vatican in recent days, the Holy See’s publishing house, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, said Saturday.

Six hours before his death, John Paul said in Polish, “with a very weak voice and with mumbled words, ‘Let me go to the house of the Father,”‘ the report said.

Following the second hospitalization, which included Feb. 24 throat surgery to insert a breathing tube, John Paul’s convalescence was hampered by “very difficult swallowing,” laborious attempts to utter words, “nutritional deficit and marked weakness,” the account says.

Through his moving attempt to give the “Urbi et Orbi" blessing the last Sunday of Easter, which triggered the applause of the faithful gathered on Saint Peter’s Square, John Paul II- who after his second hospitalization suffered a “nutritional deficit and weaknesses"- came back to appear at the window of his room Wednesday, march 30th to give the blessing. This appearance “was the last public station of his own Via Crucis", says the document.

The account is particularly elaborate about John Paul’s turn for the worse on the morning of March 31 at his private chapel when he was “hit by a shaking chill, followed by a sharp rise in temperature” to 39.4 C (103 F).Then very grave septic shock set in, with cardio-circulatory collapse, due to a diagnosed infection of the urinary tract,” the account said.

The official account is quite close to one offered last month by John Paul’s longtime personal secretary, now Krakow Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz. He told an Italian TV interviewer that a nun who was near the pontiff heard him say: “Let me go to the Lord.”



  1. johncross Reply

    Father Holy God. erwin santos lazo and his family want to go too to Your Glory. Amen

  2. Sylvia Arce Reply

    Pope John Paul 11,was a pope well loved by many people.I admired him deaply.

  3. leona Reply

    Please prayer for me in the father’s house.

  4. Aileen Reply

    True happiness to go to the fathers house and see the face of God x

  5. Veronica rowe Reply

    GOD aows the Sao ts to suffer for GOD’S glory and purpose.

  6. Lydia Reply

    Saint John Paul II pray for my family that we too may one day be in your glory with our Father in Heaven.❤️🙏

  7. Maureen Reply

    St. John Paul ll pray for all my family, that they will come closer to God.

  8. Anthony Reply

    Saint john paul ll pray for us.and for my family in fathers house.

  9. wayne berthier Reply

    while in Halifax ns Canada had my two daughters in my arms as he passed by in his popemobile when we made eye contact and received a blessing.I could feel the love that day and he is the reason i returned to the church revitalized in my faith.

  10. Betty Duxbury Reply

    St. John Paul please let our new baby coming this summer be safe and healthy. Thank you.

  11. Lourdes Señorin Fanoga Sato Reply

    Father (and Mother) of Humanity, and the Lord of the second Advent – The Rev. and Mrs Sun Myung Moon.

  12. malekholwa kolobe Reply

    Holy pope plz pray for me & my country ( Lesotho) in our father’s house

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