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Want to know if you will go to heaven?


1. If you sincerely STRUGGLE TO PLEASE GOD, by;

a) forgiving those who wrong you.

b) struggling to be free from sin, and not bringing and keeping sinful materials/companions with you.
c) struggling to pray well
d) struggling to help your fellows.
e) struggling never to deny Christ by shrinking in fear when you should stand for the truth.
f) being humble and not judging others when they act.


1. If you struggle to hide from God’s light, by:

a) refusing to SINCERELY repent and confess ALL sins.
b) receiving the Eucharist even when you have piled sinful materials and refusing to let go of sin.
c) refusing to forgive others
d) deliberately doing what is evil to those under you
e) rejecting the Lord’s call to repentance
f) doing every other thing that helps you convince yourself you belong to God: praying, going for mass, receiving Communion, and yet remaining strong in sin.
It is easy to measure. Where do you fall on? Change your ways, reject the devil and he will leave you alone. Invite Jesus into your heart by WORDS AND ACTIONS !

May the Lord forgive us our sins and bring us to everlasting life. Amen.


  1. chassy Reply

    Do people commit suicide will forgiven?

    1. peggy Reply

      only god can answer that. i believe he knows the heart of the sufferer.

  2. Sir Achoda Emmanuel Odey Reply

    May God Almighty continue to strengthen this team for this very great work of supreme evangelisation.
    The price is endless. God bless you all.

  3. Andrew Reply

    When lord has asked not to take oth or promises on ourself saying we don’t have any right on this body can he allow when commits suicide…and comming to forgiveness and sin ..that is the work of The Lord to judge not us..

  4. remnant Reply

    all those are the ways of living in peace in this world. but for to be sure if he will go to heaven he/she must accept christ in his heart as the solution to all worldly problems and will have assurance of salvation,guidance of holy spirit,victory,answers to prayer,and assurance of forgiveness…..doing good deeds doesn’t take you to heaven

  5. Michael Preuss Reply

    The Kingdom of God is already in us.To find it, love HIM & your Neighbour.

  6. Ann mwanza Reply

    Jesus forgive me and enter in my heart,s how me your mercy o Lord Amen

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