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Saint Gerard Majella (Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers) - Documentary Prayer to St. Gerard for Pregnancy St. Gerard, holy intercessor for mothers and babies, please pray for us during …

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Relics of St Thomas More and St John Fisher draw crowds in Minnesota

Hundreds of Catholics crowded into the Cathedral of St Paul to venerate the relics of two English saints Hundreds of Catholics crowded into the Cathedral of St…

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When is it appropriate to applaud at Mass?

Full Question When is it appropriate to applaud at Mass? To do so appears to reduce the Mass to the level of entertainment, but so many people do it nowada…

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California close to criminalising undercover filming at abortion clinics

Pro-lifers have urged Governor Jerry Brown to veto the bill, which has been approved by the assembly and the senate Californian lawmakers have passed a Planned…

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Move Welcomed to Assist Low-Income Families With Child Care

Officials from the US bishops' conference are welcoming a government move toward providing funds to help low-income families receive child care.   The …

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Why does God allow so much pain and suffering in the world?

This question wells up from the heart when we observe the hurting around us, and when we feel the hurt within us. To the person who is in the midst of suffering…

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Learning Holy Courage and Living Faith from the Book of Job

Job did not follow God just because He was so good to him, but because He is God. So should we. When we encounter the inevitability of loss, suffering, difficul…

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Faith on Facebook? Author stresses need for 'digital missionaries'

Boston, Mass., Oct 2, 2014 / 12:23 pm .- Catholic presence in social media is critical in reaching out to those who are lost or distanced from the Church, said …

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Single And Still Waiting On God?

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." ~ St. Augustine So, you have discerned that you are called to marrie…

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Was I wrong to take the host back to my pew?

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I sit in the first row at Mass because I am hearing-impaired. When visiting a church recently, the usher gestured for me to go up for Communion before I felt prepared. I accepted the host in my hand and returned to the pew, where I continued my prayer before receiving. Now I am told that this is not permitted. Surely it would be irreverent to receive before one had prayed sufficiently?


It might be even more irreverent to ignore the instruction of the Church. The document Instruction on the Manner of Distributing Holy Communion, S.C.D.W., May 29, 1969, notes that “the communicant ought to consume the host before returning to his place” (4).

Editor’s note: It is perfectly all right to remain in one’s pew, despite the usher’s wishes, and to go up for Communion later.



  1. proudcatholic22ph Reply

    I have a question and If you can, can you pls write a article about it. 🙂
    What were all(if not all) the inconsistencies in the gospels not written in the bible? I am very interested in the topic 🙂 Thank you and God Bless!

  2. proudcatholic22ph Reply

    What are the inconsistencies in the other gospels not written in the bible? Like the Gospel of Thomas etc.

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