Was our RCIA director right to say that making the sign of the cross after Communion is improper?

By August 7, 2016 Q&A

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The RCIA director at our parish said it was liturgically improper to bless yourself with the sign of the cross after receiving Communion. Can you point me to a Church document defining the appropriateness of this gesture?


The burden of proof lies with your RCIA director. Ask him or her to show you a Church document that states that the sign of the cross is improper after receiving the Eucharist. Such a document does not exist. The sign of the cross is always appropriate.


  • eileen brown says:

    if an RCIA director thinks it not right to bless yourself after reception of eucharist perhaps not in right role

  • Franklin P. Uroda says:

    Tell the instructor that, rather than “Cross,” it’s the “Sign of The Blessed Trinity” of Which, Jesus is a Divine Person, Whom you consume at Holy Communion. One of the liturgically proper things to do is have the congregation sing a Eucharist hymn while the community is receiving Holy Communion rather than a hymn that would be appropriate at another time, e.g., Adoro Te rather than Ave Maria.

  • Cara says:

    My pastor says it’s not appropriate since Eucharist is about receiving Jesus and the sign of the cross is about the trinity. He said however he’d never stop someone. I’ve looked at several Catholic sites that say that as well.

  • Joe says:

    Cradle Catholic, made my 1st communion in the 70’s and that is what we were taught, Receive the blessed sacrament, step aside, bless yourself. (I was also taught to say an Act of Contrition prior to receiving)

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