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Should a crucifix be present in the sanctuary during Mass?

Full Question I seem to remember reading in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal that a crucifix showing Christ crucified must be present in the alt…

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17 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (4)

Generation Z holds more Catholic values than the three previous generations - but why?

A recent study revealed a shocking number of young teens are more conservative and more skeptical of the transgender phenomenon than any generation since the Ba…

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01 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Why is Acts 8:37 omitted from many Bible translations?

Full Question Why isn’t Acts 8:37, "If thou believes with all thine heart, thou mayest," included in many Catholic Bible translations? My non-Catholic frie…

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How will Pope Francis celebrate his 80th birthday this year?

Pope Francis is swamped with meetings, Masses and various Papal duties - so how will the Holy Father find time to celebrate his 80th birthday? According to V…

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We need to be clear on what marriage actually is, synod bishops insist

Numerous bishops voiced alarm over the lack of a clear definition of marriage in the synod’s controversial guiding text, prompting a call for one based on scrip…

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Reception of the Holy Eucharist for divorced/remarried couples still not an option even as Pope reaffirms annulment reforms

Reforming rules for an invalid marriage,the Holy Father moved to quicken the processes of annulment cases as well as make the procedures faster so that Catholic…

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Several Statues of Virgin Mary destroyed during the Easter

During the Easter Period, three (3) statues of the Virgin Mary were brutally vandalized by unknown evildoers at a Catholic Church in Burlington, MA. The Pri…

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Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco insists the bishops are united in reaffirming the uniqueness of the family as Italy votes for or…

President of the Italian bishops’ conference Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco spoke out in an address to a council of bishops saying that the family “does not exist for…

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Obama authorizes Iraq airstrikes to prevent religious genocide

Vatican City, Aug 8, 2014 / 10:15 am .- Late Thursday night the Obama administration announced that it has launched a military and humanitarian operation to pro…

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WATCH: Mother’s Teresa’s canonisation

The canonisation Mass will take place on the morning of September 4




  1. David paton Reply

    God bless you mother theresa

  2. David paton Reply

    Saint teresa please pray for me may god bless you amen

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