Wearing the Rosary as a Necklace; is it okay?

Answered by Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university.

Q: I have seen people wear the rosary as a necklace and, in fact, I had a fifth-grader ask me during CCD if that was a sin. I told her that I didn’t believe it was a sin per se, but that as it is a wonderful prayer and most favored by the Blessed Mother, that I thought it disrespectful, not very reverent (regardless if the rosary is blessed or not). The student promptly asked about my decade rosary bracelet, “What about wearing it like a bracelet?” It’s a good question, in light of the cross and rosary “look-alikes” that seem to be ubiquitous these days in fashion jewelry. What do we tell young girls? — J.M., Leavenworth, Kansas

A: The closest resemblance to a norm on this topic is found in Canon 1171 of the Code of Canon Law. To wit: “Sacred objects, set aside for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated with reverence. They are not to be made over to secular or inappropriate use, even though they may belong to private persons.”

It is probable that this law does not fully apply to our case, since it refers primarily to sacred objects for liturgical worship such as chalices and vestments rather than to rosaries. At the same time, the intimation to treat sacred objects with reverence and respect can logically be extended to rosaries, crosses, medals and similar items.

Also, wearing a sacred object is not the same as using it in a secular or inappropriate manner. In fact, many religious congregations wear the rosary as part of their habit, usually hanging from a belt. There are also several historical cases of laypeople wearing the rosary for devotional purposes. For example, in his book “The Secret of the Rosary,” St. Louis de Montfort illustrates the positive results of this practice in an episode from the life of King Alfonso VI of Galicia and Leon.

I think that the key to answering this question can be found in St. Paul: “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). In other words, there should be no indifferent or irrelevant actions in the life of a Christian.

If the reason for wearing a rosary is as a statement of faith, as a reminder to pray it, or some similar reason “to the glory of God,” then there is nothing to object to. It would not be respectful to wear it merely as jewelry.

This latter point is something to bear in mind in the case of wearing a rosary around the neck. In the first place, while not unknown, it is not common Catholic practice.

Second, in relatively recent times, certain controversial public figures have popularized the fashion of wearing the rosary as a necklace, and not precisely in order to “do all to the glory of God.” It would also appear that in some parts of the United States and elsewhere, wearing rosary beads around the neck has become a gang-related badge of identification.

Hence, while a Catholic may wear a rosary around the neck for a good purpose, he or she should consider if the practice will be positively understood in the cultural context in which the person moves. If any misunderstanding is likely, then it would be better to avoid the practice.

At the same time, as Catholics we should presume the good intentions of the person wearing a rosary unless other external elements clearly indicate otherwise.

Similar reasoning is observed in dealing with rosary bracelets and rings, although in this case there is far less danger of confusion as to meaning. They are never mere jewelry but are worn as a sign of faith.

According to some sources, small single-decade rosaries or chaplets were developed in times of persecution, as they were easily hidden and could be used without attracting undesired attention.

They also became popular among Catholic soldiers on the frontline especially during World War I.

Far more important than the visible wearing of a rosary is actually using the rosary, including publicly, for prayer. Then it is truly done “to the glory of God.”

* * *

Follow-up: Wearing the Rosary as a Necklace [6-28-2011]

In the wake of our comments on wearing the rosary as a necklace June 14, a reader who now serves as a lay missionary in Honduras offered the following observations:

“In my experience in El Salvador and Honduras it is not uncommon to see men and sometimes women wearing a rosary around their necks. The rosaries are often very inexpensive, of plastic or wood. The people who wear them are largely the poor, most of whom have a strong faith. Though it might be uncommon in the U.S. and Europe, I see it here more often.

“In some ways it’s a way for the people — mostly, but not exclusively, young — to identify themselves as Catholics. Some lay pastoral workers wear them since they don’t have a cross to wear around their necks.

“I have heard, though, that there are some gang members in cities in Honduras who wear the rosary as a sort of talisman, to protect them. I don’t think it is a way to identify their gang membership but rather a way of seeking security in the very insecure world of the urban poor. That’s another case altogether.

“But it is important to remember that here among the poor, the rosary around the neck, though it might seem to be a type of ‘jewelry,’ is an expression of faith.

“I don’t know how often the young people pray the rosary, but among many of the people in the countryside here in western Honduras the rosary is often prayed — often in family groups, in base communities, or even over the Catholic radio station. The rosary, prayed or worn around the neck, is common here.”

I believe that this enlightening information completes and confirms the central thrust of the original reply: that this and similar practices can only be evaluated by taking local context into account.



  1. Elaine Lloyd Reply

    Thank you for clarifying this, an interesting and thoughtful reply. I am a catholic who lives in the UK and have always thought it to be disrespectful to wear a rosary around the neck. However I have felt comfort in wrapping a rosary my hand when I have been on an aircraft flight and I do sometimes wear a decade bracelet, when i know I shall be praying the rosary at a prayer meeting. Being a mum of teenagers if have shared my view that the use of pop-star or celebrities wearing rosaries is disrespectful and the rosary should not be seen as a fashion accessory. I agree however with your statement of, “If the reason for wearing a rosary is as a statement of faith, as a reminder to pray it, or some similar reason “to the glory of God,” then there is nothing to object it”.

    1. Claire Tavares Reply

      Well said it is not an accessory.has to be respected as an object to pray only catholic do this sort of things its ridiculous rosary are put also on the hands of deceased so before you wear one think that one day you will have it for a long time and respect religions items

      1. Yvonne Luna Reply

        If I may, I do not think it ridiculous to have placed my personal rosary with my grandfather whom i love deeply. I did not see him pass, n I wanted to give him something of my own as a show of love n respect towards him. God loves me, n I believe he knows what it meant for me to give my grandfather a piece of my heart in remembrance.

        1. Lydia Reply

          I Agree with you..

        2. Ivo Reply

          I believe you may have misunderstood Claire’s comment. Since it appears that English may be her second language, the run-on sentence made it appear as though she said “it is ridiculous to place rosary beads in the hands of the dead” but if you read the sentence carefully and separate the several points that were made you would see that she believes rosary beads should not be worn around the neck as it appears disrespectful and that, since they are placed in the hands of our dead, people will have them “for a long time” and should only be used respectfully and not as accessories.

      2. Maria Reply

        I’m Catholic and I grew up wearing the Rosary around our neck. But not as jewelry . I always saw it as part of my faith. All my family members wear one. But always under our clothes.

    2. Celia Camara Reply

      I enjoy selling and found a way of evangelising at the same time when I started making prayer beads and chaplets. i do not agree that it is disrespectful to wear a rosary necklace as my rationale is not just to keep it in your bag. I feel good wearing it around my neck the way I would wear a necklace with a cross pendant. Times have changed. No one is going to vilify any Catholic wearing it.

    3. Alexander Reply

      Hi just wanted to share my wisdom on the rosary hopefully it will help others to. To understand the things that are of the one true living god is to understand that he is a spirit and to follow him we to must walk in the spirit with him. Just as Jesus and the apostles never wore such neither should we as for the kingdom of god is not in the world avoid repeated prayer and dont be like the pegans that think that by their many words they will be heard. Follow Jesus, not man (spiritualy)

      1. John Noybn Reply

        you should try to understand the Rosary before you think its mere repetition or empty words. The Hail Mary’s also act as focusing words, helping us to block out unwanted thoughts or the noises around us while we focus on the true center of the Rosary, the Mysteries of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus. Each time we pray a decade (ten Hail Mary’s) we meditate on one aspect of Jesus’ life, for example, the Birth of Jesus, or the Carrying of the Cross, or the Death of Jesus, etc…THIS is the hidden (from protestants) Truth of the Rosary… its all about Jesus and the Bible. Far from pagan.

      2. Jet Reply

        I believe you dont realy know what the Holy Rosary is. You sound as if you are a protestant. Yes God is spirit Jn 4. And Christ the God Man incarnate Jn1.1,14. and establish a Church Mt16.18 as a pillar and foundation of truth 1tim 3.16. And Christ instructed the Church (not the pastors ) teaches all Mt28.19. Christ did not say to avoid repeated prayer. infact in His prayer during the agony in the garden Christ repeat his prayer.

        Mt 26.39 “My Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass away from me. Yet truly, let it not be as I will, but as you will.”
        Mt26.42 For thr second time, he went and prayed, saying, “My Father, if this chalice cannot pass away, unless I drink it, let your will be done.

        The Holy rosary is a powerful payer w Our Father from the mouth of our Savior, The Gloria Patri and Apostles Creed a prayer older than the compilation of bible.
        The Angelic Psalter Hail Full of Grace words from a high ranking angel. The mysterires of The Holy Rosary are Biblical verses to meditate the Life of Christ and Mary.

        Question did you meditate the life of Christ using bible verses daily?

  2. MaryAnn Collier Spence Reply

    I always wondered as a child, why the beautiful ROSARY could not be worn around the neck. I remember nuns who wore THEM at the waist-line. I would love to wear my beautiful ROSARY as my necklace, to be on me wherever I go. Always there to be easily found to say the Holy Rosary !!

    1. Nicole Reply

      I agree with you. Please see my comment below.

    2. Dorothy Dunn Reply

      My son and myself wear our Rosary around our neck every sunday during Church, out of respect, we love to wear it, it gives us great peace

  3. Myra Roth Reply

    My 91 year old mother wears a humble, plastic rosary around her neck so she won’t lose it and so she always has it with her. For her (and myself) it is a total sign of her deep love for Mary and the Rosary. It is not meant as jewelry to her, but as a way to always have the devotion to Jesus and Mary with her.

    1. francisco gumera Reply

      I agree with u.God bless

    2. Dorothy Dunn Reply

      So true

    3. Immaculate Happy Okwakunda Reply

      Thank you for that information. To me putting on a rosary is indeed a sign of faith. The rosary has protected me from many dangers. In my free time…I recite it whether travelling or during lunch break at work. It has done wonders for me and I am very proud to be identified with the rosary. May Mother Mary keep protecting us. Immaculate from Uganda

  4. Antoinette Reply

    I have seen many students that wear the rosary and I wondered if it was ok. Some claim to have strong belief while others wear it as a fashion statement. My daughter wanted to purchase a pair of cowboy boots with a cross on them and a fashion shirt with a cross on it. I wouldn’t let her because I was worried if it was permissible. I know she loves her Catholic faith, but those items are meant to be just a fashion statement and I felt that it was wrong to condone that.

    1. Elaine Lloyd Reply

      I agree with you Antoinette, I have teenage sons, but if I had a daughter I would think the same as you. We are after all the first teachers of our children, if we do not set good examples what chance have they got of living in faith,
      in a materialistic world they are growing up in.

    2. Nicole Reply

      I think we need to propagate the faith and those little images send messages of holiness to people in desperate need of finding Jesus. We need to fight the counter-culture of the devil and his images with images of holiness

      1. Raphaël Reply

        YOu are right.We also live in a world where MANY priests teach wrong things,sometimes for their own good!So we have to make sure the kids are with experienced and good priests that teaches them how to detect the counter-culture of the devil and avoid it.

    3. Mambocat Reply

      Hi Antoinette. To me a cross is simply a cross if it is not a crucifix, and many people who are various types of Christians wear a cross on leather boots, clothing etc. I think it is might be more important to ask her if she wants boots with a cross on them to publicly make visible her religious identity, or just because it’s trendy. If her reason is the former, I wouldn;t have a problem with it.

  5. Magie caoili Reply

    I used to wear rosaries but I have stopped because I cant quit smoking. Maybe, it is okat for others to wear it as long as they don’t act something that is not in accordance to faith.

    1. Eddie Hernandez Reply

      I smoked for 39yrs and would say I’d never be able to quit, I quit cold turkey and asked God for His help…and I know He heard my prayers. I don’t ever want to smoke again for as long as I live…the day I decided to quit was the hardest because I thought of every excuse to put it off for another day. You can do it Magie. God’s blessings to you always.

    2. John Noybn Reply

      I wish you prayers in your journey to quit, but for your health not your faith. Smoking is not a sin in any Catechism ive ever seen, unless you are smoking something other than tobacco…mind altering drugs ARE mentioned as sinful…

  6. Michael Kiu Reply

    Rosary is not for decor.It is a holy article for the faithfuls.wrong usage will tear away the good image of catholic

  7. Cat Reply

    Thanks! Insightful!

  8. Nicole Reply

    Why wouldn’t someone want to wear a beautiful rosary around their neck, when it promotes and propagates the holy rosary to those who don’t even know what a rosary is? Many have still never seen a rosary because everyone else has them in their pocket and never shows their rosary to anyone in order for someone of another faith to learn the rosary. I think the Blessed Mother would want her rosary seen and inquired by everyone and those who wear it have a deep respect for the rosary and do wear it as a sign to the Blessed Mother that they love and adore her. I know many people who having never prayed the rosary, end up looking it up and learning to pray it all because of the initial attraction of seeing it on someone wearing it, that then does spark a whole conversion because they find themselves in love with the beauty of the rosary. The rosary gets its beauty from the Blessed Mother and to gaze on the beauty of the rosary that someone is wearing draws one closer to the Virgin Mary herself.

    1. Anil Reply

      Nicole I support your views.

      My personal views are:

      1.Mother Mary is with me, & protecting me

      2.Can pray the Rosary anytime I want

      3.People of other faiths ask so get a chance to promote and propogate the Rosary.

      4.Rosary reminds me to practice Christianity at all times as am wearing it.

      5.She is a mother and a mother will never ever harm her children plus she loves unconditionally so wearing a rosary infact brings us closer to Mother Mary.

      6.She has never instructed not to wear the rosary so if you like wear it without any fear.

      I don’t wish to hurt anybody’s sentiments by my comments these are my opinions and surely no one can change my feelings or opinions

      1. Dorothy Dunn Reply

        You always see photos and statutes of Mother Mary with the rosary around her neck.

    2. mary Nichols Reply

      very interesting comment from Nicole you can ether look at it as a bad thing or a good thing your choice. Then we cant judge a person on how they choose to ware it. only the lord know. we as people can only chose to think they are using it for the right reasons. and say a prayer for them

    3. Mike Reply

      Well said I agree with u 100% It should be showed off to spread devotion to Mary and the rosary! She would be proud

  9. NENETH Reply

    yes,do everything to the glory of God….

  10. Frankie 7 angels Reply

    The Rosary is a sacred object when blessed and a representation of the birth, death and resurection of Christ and the life of Mary and a devotion to Mary and a weapon against evil given to us by the virgin herself. So to wear the rosary as a necklace or as an adornment weather on purpose or with thougtlessness is wrong. When its worn on the belt its ment to represent a weapon like a sword for the rosary is the one weapon Lucifer fears. The rosary once blessed cannot even be moved by the demonic( a lower form of fallen angel) only a devil( a higher form of fallen angel) has the strength to move it. Lucifer loves it when people treat the rosary as anything other then as a sacred object. To wear the rosary as an adornment like a necklace is to make a mockery of the rosary. To say well I pray the rosary, I have faith and I love the virgin and yet wear the rosary (this sacred devotion and weapon the virgin herself has given mankind) is to have a false to devotion to Mary. If one has faith and devotion to Mary and Christ ( for its through Mary we find the surest easyest path to Christ and to GOD) then one must show reverence for the rosary and treat the rosary beads as a sacred object and thus by showing respect we honor our Lady of the most Holy Rosary and when we honor Mary we honor her son Jesus and when we honor Jesus we honor the Lord our God.

    1. Plejeune Reply

      This is very beautifully written. I’ve never worn a rosary as jewelry, but I have worn jewelry with crosses on them. Even though they are worn as adornment, I do consider them a sign of my faith. I’ve never thought about the rosary being a weapon the way you describe, so thank you for that insight.

      1. John Noybn Reply

        Beautiful words, yes.. but im not sure shes right. In several things. a lot of what shes saying sounds more like superstition than faith.

  11. Marina Magdalena Reply

    I am a traveller girl, in our culture the rosary is worn by both men and women (although usually women wear a humble crucifix necklace). The reasons we wear them are: as statements of faith, to remind us of God wherever we go or sometimes the objects (crucifix necklace or rosary) belonged to someone dear to us, a family member and so we wear them to keep them with us and to remind us that God protects us. For the same reason we also put a rosary on the mirror in the car, and st. Christopher car statues on the dashboard for intervention to protect us during our travels. Being travellers, st. Christopher has Always been important to us. We often wear catholic symbols or put them in our houses, in our cars. Some older generation travellers have a giant statue of the Blessed Virgin in the living room. We don’t see it as accessories, we see it as a way to show our faith. Is it wrong in this case?

  12. Juliet Connolly Reply

    When I was younger, I’d wear my rosary around my neck to dispel my fear of ghosts or evil spirits while I sleep because I believe the holy rosary is a powerful refuge.

    1. Lordis Reply

      You are right.

  13. Shirley Reply

    The first thing many senior catholic women, including my mother, when given a rosary, is to put it around their neck or wrap it around their wrist or in an apron pocket. Many men put it around their neck or in their pocket. It is not only a sign of their faith, but an act of placing themselves under the mantle of our Blessed Mother & for God’s protection. Some month’s back I had the sad ability to see a video of a soldier in Syria who, at grave risk to his life, wore his rosary around his neck under his uniform. He was filmed as his shirt collar was being torn open to see if he was wearing a rosary. It was reported he was led away to be tortured & killed for his faith. If you have the opportunity, read the Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis De Montfort. You will never be without your rosary before you finish half of this little book. God bless!

  14. Williemar Bautista Nobleza Reply

    thank you for clarifying this i am catholic wearing rosary in my neck also a crucifix but not to become a jewelry but to deeply my faith in god and i feel very safe when i wearing this

  15. Emily Abaja Reply

    I am a catholic since I was born just recently I am wearing the rosary in my neck not as jewelry as some tell is statement of faith its true and I feel I am safe in everything ghost, evil spirit and and I feel I am closed to the blessed Mama Mary and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  16. Sal Carmona Reply

    The wearing of a rosary as a necklace has always been something that has bothered me. I was brought up in the old school tradition that it is to be prayed and not worn. Recently I was given the gift of being able to make Rosaries. I now make custom rosaries out of fine gemstones; Carmona’s Heirloom Rosaries. I was determined that they should not be worn as a necklace. One of the rosaries I made was given as a gift to my daughter’s boyfriend. I just about flipped when I saw him wearing it as a necklace but did not say anything. We later invited them to pray the rosary with us. I came to realize that he does not know how to pray it, does not know how to pray the Our Father, and has not made his First Holy Communion. He associates himself as Catholic and is searching for answers. Perhaps this is his way of believing though he does not know how to pray it. I printed out the prayers and instructions so that he would feel more comfortable when praying with us. We have also encouraged him to looking into completing his sacraments. About the same time I heard a story of a man than wore a rosary but never prayed it. Upon his death he found himself at judgement and the scales were heavily tipped on the negative side when the Virgin appeared and placed all of the rosaries prayed by other people influenced or reminded by the rosary he wore on his positive scale, thus saving him from damnation. All of this has changed my way of thinking. It is possible that many youth do not fully understand or know how to pray the rosary, but should they find themselves at a time of need it is sure nice that they have one available. Who am I to stand between them and God? May He continue to bless and enlighten each of you always.

    1. John Noybn Reply

      (This is John’s wife, Marie now) I empathize with the young man you are speaking of, I identified as Catholic from a young age, even though i was brought up with no Christian background and attended church only when a bus would come by, never Catholic.. i went to ONE Catholic service with friends one time, thats all, yet I dreamed of becoming a Nun… I didnt fulfill that, though sometimes even now i wonder if I would pursue it if i find myself a widow (hubby is somewhat of a fatalist heh) I got married and had two kids before I converted…but I believe i was always Catholic in my heart. It was revealed AFTER my conversion that my grandparents and great grandparents were actually Catholic, though the grandparents had long before fallen away… after my conversion, my step grandfather converted, my grandmother reverted, and my mother at least began to go to A church.. though not Catholic. In addition all five of my children are Catholics as well as my husband, because of God sending me the message to Convert. All this to say that unwitting boy may have a great impact on the future, good on you for nurturing him!

  17. Shirley Reply

    Thank you, Sal for sharing this with us. I believe the same as you. Many devotions in our faith begin with an attraction to it. For an example, as a child, I was strongly attracted to Benediction & loved seeing the Monstrance long before I understood what was happening or entered parochial school. This was in the 50’s & services were in Latin. It increased my love for Mass & Adoration once I understood God is with us in His Church in the Most Blessed Sacrament. God & Mary may use a young person’s attraction to the rosary to wear it to feel close to God & feel safe even if don’t fully understand why. Wearing it may begin a seed of faith however small, that may grow to devotion over time. Then, a door opens to our faith, as with your daughter’s friend.being invited to pray the rosary with your family. God knows the exact right moment for things to fall into place for all of us. After all, Jesus suffered on the cross for all mankind. No one was excluded.

    1. Sal Reply

      Amen Shirley!

    2. Raphaël Reply

      Very beautiful comment Shirley

  18. gabrielmary Reply

    Wow quite interesting. I like wearing my rosary on my neck and am wearing it even now. Always see’s it as a devotion to our blessed mother Mary (peace and love to you all)

    1. Mathe Peturu Reply

      Rosary give strength, courage, comfort, assurance in union with christ.

  19. Delfinaa Luna Reply

    When I go to Church I hang the rosary in my neck, if I go early to pray the rosary before mass. After praying the rosary I hang it back in my neck, to avoid dropping and losing my rosary. When I am back home I put it back to the proper place. God bless us all.

  20. sergio benavides Reply

    well that is up to you if you want to wear it or not I always have one in my pocket ,I am an a extraordinary Eucharist Minister I do Pastoral care.

    1. Ariette Croes-Baptist Reply

      Yes men have pockets in theire pants most woman cloths do not have pockets and thats why i have the rosary arond my neck to use it whenever i want to pray the rosary
      It depends if you have it as an odorment or devotion around your neck
      Once i was in mass and our priest went family visit to pohis native land
      And the priest who came to fave mass put his hand in his pants pocket and began talking abthat the rosary has to be in yothe pockets but if te do not gave pockets in our dress
      I ai asked our priest when he came back and he told me if you use it for prayer you can where it around your neck me

  21. Ricky Reply

    I think there’s a clear distinction between accessories and sacred object. Respect to God and Blessed Virgin Mary is knowing that distinction.

  22. Eva Reply

    In my culture new mothers are frequently given Rosaries to wear to help strengthen and protect her in her new role.

  23. claire Reply

    I think one knows one’s own heart and one’s own beliefs.
    I, too, wear my Rosary around my neck at times, underneath my clothing- whether it can be seen or not. I sleep with it wrapped into my hand every night.
    I know it to be a powerful weapon against any evil or even negativity, whether seen or unseen; I know it to be a spiritual tool for protection, both when it is prayed and when it is worn. I believe – I trust -|-.
    That is the extent of my faith – I want the Rosary with me always – through the Rosary I know the Blessed Mother is with me and protects me always.
    This brings me much Peace – “the Peace of God which surpasses human understanding”.
    In Medjugorje the majority of Catholics walk around with the Rosary in their hands – when they need to use their hands, it goes around the neck.
    PS: I also wear my Scapula around my neck every single day – for me the significance is one and the same.


    pilipino ako kaya ang totoong lengwahe ang gagamitin ko pasensya sa hindi makaintindi ng salita ko.. hesukristo dyos amang hari lubos na makapangyarihan lubos na mapagmahal sa lahat ng kanyang nilikha bumaba at nag pakababa sa mundong ibabaw nasaktan at sinaktan ng sobra at labis ng mga taong kanyang minahal pasa hanggang sa ngayon .. nagturo ng magandang asal gumamot ng may sakit bumuhay ng patay ng dahil sa awa sa mga tao at vsa kanyang mga nilikha… sa kabila ng kanyang sakripisyo pagmamahal at pagpapakababa sya ay hinatulan ng pagpako sa krus sa kadahilanan ng mga tao na ayaw syang paniwalaan na sya ang dyos amang hari na lumikha.. sinabi ni jesu nuon na sya ay may korona na ang patukoy nya ay ang araw at ang bwan ang kanyang kapa na parang unan.. at ang kanyang krus na kanyang itinutukoy ay ang kanyang kapangyarihan na kahit saan ay makikita subukan kung kayo ay makakatingin sa araw na sikat na sikat at parang galit sa init tuwing katanghalian kung ito ay matitigan ng mga tao ng buong buo makikita ang katotohan na sya ay may totoong krus at korona na hindi lang galing sa tao na katulad ng krus na ipina bitbit sa kanya ng mga tao na nasa pamumuno nuon ng naghari harian dahil lamang sa inaakala na ang kapangyarihan ay ang karangyaan..kaya sya ay pinahipan at nilagyan ng koronang tinik at sinambitan sya ng mga tao na yan ang iyong korona yan ang iyong krus magharian ka at tawagin mo ang mga sumasampalataya sa iyo … saiyo na ang krus mo at sa iyo na ang korona mo at amin ang mundo na sinasabi mo na ang mundo ay para sa mga tao….napakasakit isipin na ang dyos amang hari ng kabutihan na lumikha sa lahat ay pinagmalupitan pa ng kanyang sinasabi lagi sa mga tao na aking mga anak..nanaig ang mabuti at lumabas ang katotohan ang lahat ng kayang taga pag sunod ay dumami ng dumami hanggang sa lahat ay ang dyos amang hari na ang itiningala SA KATAASTAASAN PARA SA KABUTIHAN sundin ang ngalan mo HESUKRISTO ang kanyang milagro at himala ay hindi na kailan man makalilimutan ng mga tao at taga sunod ng dyos amang hari lubos na makapangyarin na hesukristo ang ngalan..lubos akong akong naniniwala at nananalig sa iyo hari ng kabutihan dyos sa lahat ng dyos tunay na mabait tunay na magpagkumbaba tunay na mapagmahal tunaY na matalino tunay at lubos na makapangyarihan sa lahat at nagiisa lamang kundi ikaw dyos amang hari ng kabutihan HESUKRISTO……

  25. ACMoreno Reply

    I retired from a correctional facility. I always kept a rosary with me & sometimes wore it because I felt the need for extra protection. Full size rosaries of different colors were distributed by churches to the inmates for a time till it was discovered that incarcerated gang members were hanging them around their neck and using the colors of the rosaries as gang affiliation. Now the colors for rosaries are white & yellow and are chaplet size. Sadly, misuse of religious items and images, such as tattoos are misused more and more. May the Lord have mercy on us.

  26. Ciana Elizabeth Jacobs Reply

    hei I’ve been wearing a Rosary- a blessed one around my neck since I was 13. Now m 29, and still proud to wear one- i have had never removed it or set it aside. I change the Rosary regulary and ever since i was 17, I have been wearing a Brown Scapular. well, i glorify the Almighty, I love my Mother and I love to show my respect to my God. People have asked me about both, especially those from other religions and I am pleased to explain it.

  27. Raphaël Reply

    Here in Lebanon in the Middle-East we wear Rosaries to gain protection from evil and other dangers.Rosaries are also commonly praid here.
    Ps:I do not wear ROSARIES,I instead wear necklaces with religious pictures on it.I was praying the Rosary at a time but now I have stopped.I am thinking of continuing praying it because it’s the most “powerful” and God-approaching prayer I know.I am also thinking of wearing one because I lost my necklace:|
    I hope I will find my necklace because I really liked it and I fet it had some of the effects of the Rosary in an alleged way:)

  28. Aleah Albert Nkeng Reply

    Aleah Albert Nkeng.
    The Rosary truly safes and we can for security reasons keep it secret. But it all depends on the intention of the user.

  29. Cheri Reply

    Another wonderful option to wearing a Rosary is to wear one of the many scapulars we Catholics have available to us. Wearing a scapular is a sign of devotion, a statement of our Catholic faith, and it confers upon the wearer many wonderful graces from Heaven. Among some of the graces are an increase in faith, the strength to avoid sin, and to repel Satan and his demons. I, personally, wear a blessed Brown Scapular. One of the promises from the Blessed Mother to those who wear it is on the first Saturday after his/her death, She will descend into Purgatory and escort him/her to Heaven.

    Additionally, there are many medals of faith that a Catholic could also wear. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a particularly powerful one. Another popular one to wear due to it’s protection and graces is the St. Benedict medal. Of course, these are just two of the multitude of medals one could choose to wear.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  30. bonniecomar Reply

    My dad was buried with a rosary. I don’t think it was his personal one since I think that would have been passed on to one of his sons. My mother was never seen praying the rosary. We decided to not be false but to say goodbye to her as we remembered her. Dad was always praying the rosary. I would like to be buried with a rosary but my very special confirmation rosary I would like to go a granddaughter.

  31. Art Brislingham Reply

    There is nothing wrong with wearing your Mom’s beads!

    1. Kimberly Reply

      i thought the original rosary was made as a habit to be worn..yes i disagree with people who wear it as jewelry but i dont think wearing it is bad. I wear one always because it reminds me of who i am,a Catholic who loves mother Mary.i also know that i walk with her every wear i go.I may not pray it all the time but i do say it occasionally. I think it reminds us of our faith and that She (Mother Mary) is with us. something like a consolation or confirmation o faith i guess. It should be worn with respect..just like her medal..we wear them from our baptism,me it reminds me of her
      So i dont think wearing a rosary is wrong

  32. suzynorgesanica33 Reply

    ara det inte är av metal så OK qvinnan poletto fick blixt genomsig och sonen på grund av metal halsband så ok plast och trä sonen dog omedelbart mamman är idag utan ben berättar sin historia så tänk på !

  33. james Reply

    I dont agree with wearing the Rosary around ones neck also ive seen Caldeans putting them on the review mirrors of their cars, im thinking their insecure and have to prove to everyone they are Catholic, im Catholic i dont need to run around with a Rosary around my neck or have one hanging from the review mirror of my truck to prove im Catholic. I consider this disrespectful , i do have my Rosary in my pocket so i can use it when i have the time i have nothing to prove by waving my Rosary around, Just my Two Cents

  34. Marigin Mendoza Reply

    Well said… if we truly love God and Mama Mary we don’t need to wear it as necklace secretly God will always there to guide us and we don’t need to wear it in public because deep in our hearts our faith and love is there…

  35. John Reply

    I wear a Rosary around my neck… I find peace in what the decades express… It is a statement of my faith.. I respect the Rosary and Love Jesus and His Mother… Always and Forever……….o

  36. Timothy Paul Ambrose Trant Reply

    No less than St. Louis de Montfort, who referred to the Rosary as “…a priceless treasure which is inspired by God,” also said, “Let me but place my rosary around a sinner’s neck, and he will not escape me.” I’m fairly certain he did not view wearing the Rosary around the neck as disrespectful, as long as it was worn out of unwavering respect and reverence for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. 🙏🏻

  37. Maria Consuelo Chavez Reply

    Thank you for your article and all the comments. I am a volunteer at a prison and the archdiocese gives us rosaries to give to Catholic inmates. Recently the protestant chaplain began giving them away to anyone who wanted them and I began seeing them worn around the neck by non catholic inmates. My worry too was that they were wearing them as a talisman for protection or as a gang symbol depending on the color. I’ve asked the Chaplain to stop giving them away and let me do it so I can talk to the inmate and let them know how the rosary is blessed and to be prayed and give them a card on how to pray the rosary. If I can get a non catholic praying it, even if they wear it, then I think it’s ok for them to wear the rosary. I refrain from giving away anything blue or red because of gang affiliation.

  38. chichi lwendo Reply

    in my community, wearing the rosary is a expression of the love of our catholic faith among so many church groupings in recent times and is usually interpreted as proud and not ashamed to e catholic and have respect for Mary the mother of Jesus.

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