What can you tell me about the Little Flower of the Child Jesus?

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My friend and I are having the hardest time figuring out what the “Little Flower of the Child Jesus” is. My friend thinks it is Thérèse of the Little Flower. Can you help us? I know this is not exactly apologetics-related, but we didn’t know whom else we might ask.


Thérèse of Lisieux, named a Doctor of the Church on October 19, 1997, is also known as the Little Flower—a term she used in her Story of a Soul. Her name in Carmel was Thérèse of the Child (or Infant) Jesus and of the Holy Face. These are just different ways of indicating the same saint. She is not to be confused with Teresa of Avila, also known as Teresa of Jesus, who was the great reformer of Carmel and the first woman Doctor of the Church.

By Terrye Newkirk

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