What Did Pope Paul VI Predict Would Be the Effects of Contraception?

By February 15, 2017 Q&A

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What did Pope Paul VI say when he predicted the detrimental effects contraception would have on marriage?


In section 17 of his encyclical Humanae Vitae Pope Paul VI wrote that contraception would have the following consequences:
1. open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards
2. the government might force contraceptives upon married couples
3. loss of respect for women
4. a loss of humility regarding humanity’s role, we would begin to see ourselves as the ultimate masters of our nature

By Fr. Charles Grondin


  • Sam says:

    If men got pregnant, contraception/abortion would be a holy sacrament. Forcing women to get pregnant, makes women LESS than men; men’s power over women goes back thousands of years and is unfair. I worked in a medical school’s genetics division. I saw children with no brains, no cranium. I saw children who would die at age 3, after agonizing pain. Contraception is fair, just and civilized.

  • Maria. Barbiero says:

    ONE million times right, Of what OUR BELOVED POPE SAID. The world don’t like to ear GOD LAW .!!I AM my self GOD .I don’t need God to say how to live my Sex life . How many CHILDREN’S I want .I want to have pleasure , Vacation,a luxury lifestyle ,. If we Trust GOD . We will go’ with the natural birth control. No side effects of Cancer, no divorce, LOVE the way The Almighty GOD SAY . AND Blessing will be upon us .!! THE Problem is the world teach . ME myself and I.. GOD SAY. If you Love me You don’t belong TO THE world..

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