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13 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Method of teaching about family can alienate people, synod members say

US bishop spoke about the need to affirm Church teaching while accompanying all Catholics on the path to holiness Just like a family, the Catholic Church sho…

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05 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (5)

Does the Bible forbid suicide?

Full Question My Protestant friend's wife has attempted suicide twice, and he has come to support her decision to end her life. He says that there is nothi…

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13 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

War ruins God's creative work, Pope says

Redipuglia, Italy, Sep 13, 2014 / 08:26 am .- Pope Francis warned against the destructive indifference towards our brothers and sisters that arises from ideolog…

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29 Apr 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Australia Europe Middle East Middle East - Africa News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (3)

Breaking News: ISIS' fresh Attack-plot on the Vatican, Militants Arrested

Italian authorities have arrested six suspects who allegedly received orders from ISIS to attack the Vatican and the Israeli embassy in Rome. The arrests mad…

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20 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

The One True God; can there be another?

The death of several martyrs in both Christianity and Judaism for the belief in the One True God and a consequent refusal to bow to other gods who aren't The Lo…

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15 Oct 2015 News USA Comments (2)

Three gay that returned to the Church - Reasons Why they returned

Dan, Rilene and Paul knew that once their stories were out, life would not be the same. “We’ve been advised not to google ourselves,” Rilene said, laughing. …

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21 May 2015 Exhortations Resources No comments

Bishop John Sherrington: failures of end-of-life care show need to recover Christian dignity of death

An English bishop has said that he is appalled by a report that shows a breakdown in end-of-life care in the nation’s health system. Bishop John Sherrington, a…

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09 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (14)

Cardinals join to defend Church doctrine on divorce, remarriage

Vatican City, Sep 9, 2014 / 03:10 am .- Five members of the College of Cardinals have joint-authored a book defending Church doctrine regarding divorced and rem…

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03 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Natural Family Planning - Serious Motives

If, then, there are serious motives to space out births, which derive from the physical or psychological conditions of husband and wife, or from external …

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What every Catholic should add to their morning routine

Everyone has a daily routine but many overlook the one simple thing they can do to change the atmosphere around them.

The Bible tells us the Lord hears our prayers (Jeremiah 29:12).

Most of us pray every single day to the saints, to the Lord or the Virgin Mary – but what are we forgetting?

Each day it’s important for Catholics to engage with the Lord in a way that benefits others.

One important thing every believer needs to add to their morning routine is a special prayer in which we ask the Lord to help us touch people’s lives through our everyday interactions.

It’s simple: If you work at a grocery store, you can pray over your hands. Ask the Lord to bless your hands so every food item that you handle carries with it a blessing from God.

People bring the food home and they eat the blessings, which can positively impact their lives.

Prayer is a powerful tool - use it.Prayer is a powerful tool – use it (LifeTeen).

If you are a stay-at-home parent, ask God to bless your interactions with your children.

The great thing about God is His Holy Spirit.

When the Spirit is around, the entire atmosphere changes. Suddenly people are happier, they’re more open to the gifts of the lord, they want to smile more and whatever problems they had seem distant and unimportant.

Have faith in the Lord and ask to be used to plant seeds of Truth, faith and blessings in others.

John 7:38 tells us to turn to Christ and all who believe in the Lord are blessed.

It says, “From his heart shall flow streams of living water.”

It’s time to pray for that living water to start flowing through us and to the people we encounter in our daily lives.

Heavenly Father,
Fill me with your blessings.
Overflow my cup and help me spread your love to the people I encounter today.
Thank you, Father, for showering me in your forgiveness, mercy and love.

By Kenya Sinclair


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