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Will Anglicans Cross Benedict’s Bridge?

Is this the end of a 500-year division that began with a king’s adultery? The announcement—made simultaneously in London and in Rome in October—of a dramati…

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30 Nov 2014 Q&A No comments

Will we all be gods one day, as Mormons believe?

Full Question My friend, a Mormon, thinks John 10:34 means we will all be gods someday. I know this isn't what it really means, but can you help me explain…

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The story of Poland's majestic 'underground salt cathedral'

Located just southeast of Krakow, the Wieliczka salt mine is famous for many things – most notably its underground chapels, made entirely out of rock salt. I…

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Renowned author, uncompromisingly Catholic: Flannery O’Connor chosen for new postage stamp

Award-winning American author and devout Roman Catholic Flannery O’Connor will appear on a new postage stamp this summer, the U.S. postal service announced last…

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Pope: Doctrine must never be apart from pastoral context

Church doctrine must never be isolated from a practical pastoral context. That theme was at the heart of a video message that Pope Francis sent to participants …

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Iconic Lesson

Icons have long fascinated me, and I have often heard how they are written and not drawn, and how they require spiritual discipline to produce. But it was not u…

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Syrian Christians return home after 3-years

Since the Al-Qaeda squad of terrorists also know as Al-Nusra Front attacked and took-over major regions of Syria (including Sadad) in 2013, Christians have fled…

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Strengthen marriage with truth and mercy, Venezuela's Cardinal Urosa tells synod

Both truth and mercy can be found in consistent Catholic teaching on marriage, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas told the Synod of Bishops on Thursday. …

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Latest ISIS video reveals their desperation to appear stronger against the Church

The Islamic State released another horrifying video claiming Allah is superior, infidels will die and claims that the US will fall - but is it just a ploy? A…

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What if I forgot to confess a sin and remembered it later? Was it absolved?

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If I cannot recall if I mentioned a particular sin the last time I went to confession but recall it now, should I mention it in my next confession, or was it absolved already?


Yes it was already absolved provided you at least implicitly intended to mention it if you had remembered it. If its a venial sin you needn’t confess it, though the Church encourages everyone to confess venial sins too. As for mortal sins, you are forgiven as long as you intended to confess every sin you remembered while in the confessional. It is important also to do some recollection before going to confession to help you remember all your sins. So if you now recall a mortal sin, mention it the next time you go to confession.



  1. Peter Spasic Reply

    If a person confesses and has his sins absolved by a priest, and then dies does he/she go straight to heaven, or does he/she still have to go through purgatory?

    1. Annette Beckett Reply

      I say this after confessing – “for these and for all my other sins, which I cannot now remember , I am very sorry”

    2. Bob Reply

      If you mean the person dies immediately as thy leave the confessional, that person would still go through purgatory because the temporal punishment (penance) for forgiven sins has not been completed.

  2. Francis Reply

    I add and for everything I have done that displeased him.

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