28 Oct 2015 News USA No comments

Bishop makes a new Call for Capital Punishment in Florida

Emphasizing that capital punishment is not a justifiable penalty for crime, Florida’s Catholic bishops have asked the state governor to reduce the death sentenc…

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The Supremacy of the Catholic Marriage


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Did the Vatican Outlaw "The Devil In Music?"

I’ve been playing in rock bands since about 1987, when my father bought me my first guitar. At the time, I was heavily influenced by heavy metal musicians…

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22 Oct 2016 News Comments (2)

Some progressives tried to divide the Church, says head of organisation ‘created’ by Clinton aide

Christopher Hale said many people were involved in founding CACG, but its only current aim is 'to promote the social teaching of the Church' The director of Ca…

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15 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Teen Arrested for Planning Alleged ISIS-Inspired Attack on Pope

The FBI quietly arrested a 15-year-old boy outside of Philadelphia last month for allegedly threatening to launch an ISIS-inspired assault on Pope Franciswhile …

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First ever Catholic Night hosted by LA Dodgers

On Sept. 2, Dodger Stadium served as the center of a massive Venn diagram of local Catholics and lifelong fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the ballpark hoste…

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08 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (32)

Why do some Protestant denominations not consider Catholics to be Christians, and how do you refute them?

Full Question Why do some Protestant denominations not consider Catholics to be Christians? How do you refute someone who tells you this? Answer …

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07 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (8)

Is Jesus present for 15 minutes after we receive him in the Eucharist?

Full Question I have heard that Jesus is present in a very special way for 15 minutes after you receive his precious body and blood. Is this true? My RCIA …

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24 Jul 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (1)

What is God like?

Every culture in the history of the world has had some concept of what God is like. Some have assumed that God is in control of the weather and have made images…

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What is the appropriate means to dispose of an old Bible?

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What is the appropriate means to dispose of an old Bible?


There is no specifically mandated means of disposing of old Bibles. Some Catholics follow a custom of disposing of religious articles that have been blessed either by burying or burning them, but even that is not mandated by law. If the Bible has been blessed you might choose to follow that custom. If not, dispose of it as you would any other book. If it’s still in fair condition, you might put it on a book donation table to benefit someone else.


  1. Matt Reply

    I think it may be nice to be buried with it.

  2. sandra Reply

    if a bible or hymn book is about 50 years old give it to someone who would appreciate it, also to more modern bibles or hymn books, you could have fun laminating pages and make them into placemats and to make nice christian cards, also you could use childrens christian picture books and laminate the pages……..put them on the walls too.

  3. mick Reply

    i think if You burn the book or other Holy/blessed object it should be in a way that You do so with A prayer and a good cause, like a good Catholic book reading or discussion around or near the fire.

  4. captaindandan2013 Reply

    Leave your Bible with a family member, loved one or>>>>>>When I was in jail the prisoners were crying out for the Word of God. see if you can leave a copy of the Scriptures with with the jail / prison library.

  5. Jacob Reply

    If it is still in good shape, take it to the chaplain office at a local hospital; they are often in need of Bibles to give to patients.

  6. Roger Reply

    Why would you even dispose of it. Doesn’t make sense to

  7. Keith Gregoire Reply

    If it’s a Catholic bible send it to me please. I would not only take very good care of it I would cherish it. Thank you very much. Message me.

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