What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on hermaphrodites, people born with both male and female sex organs? Can they get married?

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To my knowledge, the Church has not taught explicitly on the topic of hermaphroditism, a physical/medicalcondition, but the Church does recognize that every human being is either male or female and that only opposite-sex couples are capable of marriage.
That being the case, a person who suffers from hermaphroditism but wants to get married must discover, if possible, through medical and scientific research, whether he is male (with additional female genitalia) or whether she is female (with additional male genitalia). It may be helpful in this regard to determine which genitalia (if any) are functional, because to be capable of marriage a person must be capable of sexual intercourse.

One Comment

  • Diana says:

    So if you were engaged and your partner became ill and lost the ability to be intimate, you should just walm away from them? Surely that is not a teaching of God. Intersex is the proper term for hermaphrodite. Those people are childen of God and the were made by him. They are no different than any other human. They have the need for love and commitment like others. They arent lepers. God made them in His image.

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