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‘Visiting Poland is a great gift of the Lord,’ says Pope ahead of World Youth Day

The upcoming papal visit to Poland for World Youth Day is “a great gift of the Lord", Pope Francis has said in a video message. Speaking ahead of his trip to…

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26 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

Saints Perserve Us

The mistaken notion that Catholics worship saints remains one of the most common complaints of our Protestant brothers and sisters. Indeed, most Protestant Chri…

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24 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

Is it possible for people of the same sex to marry each other?

Full Question Is it possible for people of the same sex to marry each other? Answer No. Gay (or homosexual) "marriage" is not really marriage at …

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20 Sep 2014 Q&A Comments (63)

What is the Church's position on tithing?

Full Question I was born and raised in the Mormon Church, went on a mission, and did everything a good Mormon should do, including tithing. Since my wife a…

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Pope Francis reveals personal reflections on close of the Jubilee of Mercy

In a lengthy new interview, Pope Francis opened up about his thoughts on the Jubilee of Mercy as well as progress made in the field of ecumenism, both of which …

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Massachussetts transgender bathroom law faces legal challenge

ADF say the new law could force churches to 'violate their core religious beliefs' A religious liberty organisation is taking legal action to protect Massachus…

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How can I refute this Watchtower Society argument about the rich man and Lazarus?

Full Question I've used the story Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31) to show consciousness between death and resurrection, but Jehovah's Witnesses ar…

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Are marital relations not supposed to pleasurable because they are only for reproductive purposes?

Full Question Are marital relations not supposed to pleasurable because they are only for reproductive purposes? Answer The primary purposes …

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What does the Church call sacred and why? What is the proper use of the sacred?

Response: According to the Code of Canon Law (Codex Iuris Canonici , c. 12-5), a place is said to be sacred if it is designated for divine worship. Such th…

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What is the correct age for confirmation?

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My daughter is seven and will be receiving First Communion next year in second grade. The diocese also has them make their confirmation at the same time. But another diocese in which I used to live confirms children when they are teens. Which is correct?


The Code of Canon Law states:

The sacrament of confirmation is to be conferred on the faithful at about the age of discretion, unless the episcopal conference has decided on a different age; or there is a danger of death; or, in the judgment of the minister, a grave reason suggests otherwise. (CIC 891)

Since the Church has traditionally understood the age of reason to be seven years old, your daughter would not be too young to receive confirmation at age eight. In the United States, the bishops’ conference promulgated the following norm in July 2002, with the approval of the Holy See:

Following recognition by the Holy See, the [USCCB] has decreed that the age for conferring the sacrament of confirmation in the Latin rite dioceses of the United States will be between "the age of discretion [‘considered to be about age seven’] and about sixteen years of age.’" (

This means that individual American bishops can decree for their dioceses that the age for confirmation within their diocese be within that range of seven to sixteen years, which is why your former diocese confirms teenagers and your current diocese confirms children who have attained the age of reason.

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  1. Clifford Reply

    Holy communion is the step to know god and through confirmation we understand that we know god .there should be age for confirmation bcause for example a new born baby will never speak at once. it will take time for a new born to learn ,understand, and talk .same way it takes time for every human to understand, the word of god .

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