What is the difference between the Roman Catholic and the Catholic religion?

The Catholic religion/Church comprises all ecclesial communities, all group of churches in communion with the Pope. If a group or community does not adhere to the Pope, it is not part of the Catholic Church.

There are a number of individual or sui iuris (self-governing) churches, sometimes called “rites”. One of these is the Roman rite. It includes most catholics in the West. So when you say “Roman Catholic” it properly refers to a member of the Roman rite which is the largest of all other rites.

Maronites, Ukrainian, Chaldean, Syro-Malankara Catholics can be properly refered to as “Catholics” but not “Roman Catholics”. They are “Maronite Catholics”, “Chaldean Catholics” etc. They are all as catholic as everyone else since they are in full communion with the Pope.

All the rites are equal, their ecclesial customs and traditions may be different, ways of doing theology etc, but the doctrines are all the same.



  1. lorraine schwartz Reply

    the word Catholic is the same as universal. Anglicans call themselves catholic too. you have to say roman Catholic. Also the law of fast for one hour before receiving Communion applies to all food and drink except water is permitted.

    1. Clint De Reply

      I do not think there is need to divide the religion on types of catholic…how many times we gonna redefine our religion…being a catholic and a follower of the church is enuf…everytime we see a differnt community outside the church use the same name we try to use a different term…it started with being a christian to a catholic to now a roman catholic…..

      1. Silvia Reply

        It’s extremely sad that Jesus came to unify us. But as our human egos take over, we have decided to fight among ourselves to see who is more right. My question is to all. There’s only one GOD, we have that in common, there is only one Jesus, and his teachings were to love one another, to help each other, to become one in good . in GOD. We humans keep trying to destroy the only one thing that is true. The Love God has for us and gave his Son Jesus to show us how much he love us . why can we do the same. Stop fighting who’s the best or the real one. The truth is simple. GOD is real, Jesus is real, his teachings are real. Let’s take a closer look at what the Scriptures say and unify us in LOVE one another. And only then we will become one in GOD.

        1. Joe Reply

          U r absolutely right n the reason the Catholic Church has different rites is because Catholics come from every corner of the world n many have different traditions. I don’t think it like the reformation .where people were in protest of the Church. we r all in communion with the Pope n no rite believes they have the “true”Catholic Church. Just different traditions Also I enjoy going to Mass at different rites. I enjoy the bisintyn mass very much

        2. Michael Motisi Reply

          This is the real problem. Everyone believes THEY know what God or Jesus wants us to do. But only the Roman Catholic Church seems to make sense. For over 2,000 years
          they have been teaching the same thing. No wavering.

          1. Sientje Seinen

            One God the Lord God of Israel who sent Christ to redeem us from satan’s power and sealed the new covenant with His blood, see Jeremiah 31 verse 31, that all who hope in Him, shall receive eternal life, But you see not everyone calls upon the name of the Lord God and ask forgiveness in the name of Christ our Lord and Redeemer,so the commandment is to those who are truly repentant and ask the Lord Christ to come into their hearts and follow Him.

        3. Romel Reply

          Having different rites does not mean not being unified. We came from different cultures, so we have to respect that. The traditions they have are different from ours. And that is good. Being different does not mean not being unified. Being unified means having the same values & morals & teachings with regards to peace, human life, etc. That each rite adheres to that – because they are in communion with the Pope.

          In the Phil. We are the only ones who having “Simbang Gabi” w/c is a 9 days Novena and Mass early in the morning before the break of dawn. It came or developed, rather, from the tradition and culture during the Spanish era. But does that mean we are violating the Catholic teaching? Of course not. The Pope even granted a special “I forgot the term” for the Simbang Gabi.

          Being in communion with the Pope, his teachings, means we adhere to Christ’s teachings about morality and etc, we adhere to the Dogmas, about Mary, etc.

          And is one proof of the love of Christ, He respects the uniqueness of each one, how each person does things differently but what is important is everyone meeting the same goal, the goal that Christ wants for everyone.

          A problem can have (different) 2 or 3 or more approaches / solutions but all arriving at the same answer / conclusion. And that’s the beauty of the Catholic Church.

          Unity despite being different. Different approaches, same goals, same beliefs.

          1. Sylvia Commerford

            it is written “even the devil believes there is a God and trembles. Christ gave the commandment “to love one another even as I have loved you” to those who believe in Him, as their Lord and savior, who believe on His Word, and do not follow a religion, but rather ask the Lord Christ Jesus to come into their heart and cleanse it from all iniquities, as only Christ can cleanse our hearts from evil desires. as it is written in Jeremiah 31 verse 31 “I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel, I will write my laws on their hearts and foreheads and they shall be my people and I shall be their God” Chris sealed this new covenant with His blood at Calvary. so for roman catholics believing in Mary that she can influence the Lord our God, is heresy and therefore you are not walking in the love of Christ our Lord.

          2. Sylvia Commerford

            lea not true as your pope does not adhere to the teachings of Christ, as he plays footsie with Islam and Islam has made covenant with death, they glorify death, whereas Christ clearly told us that He is “I am the resurrection and the Life, so we listen to His Word that He spoke, not the pope as the pope is not even a christian but a compromiser being afraid of Isis who has vowed to make Islam the world religion, history repeating itself, re the roman catholic church compromising with Hitler to stay silent in order not to have their churches bombed?

        4. David Reply

          Very well said, let us unite and pray for peace and forgiveness. God bless all.

      2. Joe Reply

        The reason there r different rites of the Catholic Church r based mainly on the different regions of the world n so there r different traditions each rite adheres to we r all in communion with the Pope. N no rite thinks of itself as being better than another

        1. Sientje Seinen Reply

          Only those whom confess that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God, whom raised Him up from the dead, and now sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for all who come to Him with a contrite spirit and humble in heart truly repentant of their sins, and the Lord God forgive us our trespasses solely for the sake of Christ redemptive work are of His church, as Christ is the head of the church, whom gave His life for same.

      3. Mike Reply

        Clint, you must keep refining and re-defining Catholicism because it cannot stand on its own….with all the discrepancies and contradictions. It must keep changing in order to keep from being pinned down as nothing more than fables, written and communicated during the dark ages.

    2. jason suggs Reply

      Anglicans are not Catholics, though they may be catholic in some sense. Many Episcopalians are heretics, in fact.

      As the article states, Roman Catholics are members of the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. Many Catholics who are in communion with Rome are not Roman, but Eastern Catholics.

      1. Truth Hurts Reply

        Another wonderful Roman Catholic who believes they are the only true Catholics? Let me ask you something oh holy Roman Catholic, where in the bible are you told to pass judgement on your fellow man? Point to me in the bible where it says the Roman Catholic Church is the ONLY One, Holy, Apostolic Church. What a hypocrite you are. Episcopalians are heretics? According to whose theology? Yours? You are the one that now dictates what is and isnt appropriate? Or is it your infallible Pope? You truly believe the Pope is infallible? Then I feel for you. This from an Old Catholic who believes that everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs and not to be put down by someone else. That is what God and Jesus taught was it not? Dont bother to respond, I do not wish to wate any more time on a blow hard!

        1. samuel Reply

          You really are hurting.

        2. Kitty Reply

          Infallible Pope? The Pope isn’t infallible, the WORD OF GOD IS INFALLIBLE!!!
          WOW, I am sorry that you were offended by someone else’s post, but replies like yours only lead to MISGUIDED & UNEDUCATED portrayals of both my Catholic Faith AND YOUR Episcopalian Faith.

          1. Jean Potts

            The Pope is infallible in the teaching of. faith and morals.

          2. Julian Kent

            Actually, in the Roman tradition, it is believed that Pope IS infallible in matters of faith and morals.

          3. Sientje

            wow you have been badly brainwashed. If it is not according to the Word of God the pope speaks then he is pushing his own idology on others Was Peter infallible? certainly not, the maid speaking about Peter This man was also with Jesus of Gallilee,” Peter “I do not know the man” meaning our Lord Jesus Christ” PPeter replied and you want to build your faith on htis? I pity you, do you not see that it was the Holy spirit that revealed to Peter that ?Jesus is the Christ the son of the Living G-d that He is our hope and strenght and the “Rock of our salvation” the cornerstone that the builders rejected? Why do you not acknowledge that Christ speaks Truth, when He said “I am the way, the Truth and the Life, NO ONE can come unto the Father except through me” believe on Christ and His Word and be saved. the church is not the saviour of the world nor your deceitful pope,

        3. William Reply

          Can you please enlighten us as to how the Anglican and Episcopal Churches came to be?
          By all historical accounts they were formed by heretics in opposition to Papal authority, around the same time as the protestant reformation.
          No one is passing judgement, but scripture does tells us we are to give reproof to our brothers, right correction and to admonish the idle, and if someone wanders from the truth, to be patient with them and bring them back.
          As I read the other parts of “your judgement”, I can see any reasonable response to you is fruitless, as you have already formed your opinion of the Church, the Pope, and the Bible.
          God Bless.

          1. Michel Paul Marie

            Science/knowlege starts w humility! Check if you are humble enough to be enlighted by others than urself!

          2. Sientje Seinen

            I dont know am not an episcocal or presbyterian am a reformed member of the Canadian reformed church, as some like the baptists dont believe in infant baptism,till the child is ready to decide for itself, but we are not under papal authority but are to listen to the Word which Christ spoke the Word. “I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one can come unot the Father except through Me.” showing that He is our mediator between God and us, and there is no other saviour beside Him. also Mary is not Jewish name and she was the instrument or a prophesy fulfilled spoken of by Isaiah the prophet in I believe chapter 7 verse 14 as Miriam probably was her name worshipped the Lord God of Israel seeing she was Jewish. so since Christ was with God at the beginning of creation.”before Abraham I Am” Mary cannot be Christ mother, but His caretaker.

          3. mark morin

            Actually sientje, scripture does tell us that Peter is the rock upon which Jesus will build His Church. It is for that reason that we believe the Pope to be infallible when speaking on matters of faith and morals and when explicitly calling upon his role of infallible teacher. Not everything he says is infallible. It should also be noted that scripture tell us that the Church is infallible because Jesus promised to be present through His Church until the end of time.
            Much of the split between the Anglican and Catholic Churches came about because of the King’s wish to divorce his wife. The Pope refused to grant an annulment. But that was also a time in history when world politics were closely intertwined with Church business.
            Martin Luther’s reformation may not have happened if Erasamus and Luther had not painted each other into corners where they were not listening to each other. It got to the point where the only possible solution was to break away.
            But all of this misses the point of the article. When most people hear the word “Catholic” they think “Roman Catholic.” There are something like 23 other rites that are just as “Catholic” as the Roman Catholics. As a Maronite Catholic, I am proud of the fact that my Church is Antiochean–where we were first called Christians. Our clergy are allowed to marry (up until recent maronite churches in predominantly latin lands were not allow to have married clergy. That has changed.) Much of our liturgy is spoken in the language that Jesus spoke.

          4. Sientje Seinen

            I have no idea about the Episcolian church, but the anglican church came into being as King Henry the 8th I think not sure wanted a boy heir, and I think her name was Anne Boveyn not sure either gave birth to a girl, so he wanted a divorce but the pope refused to grant him a divorce, so he her guillotined and started his own church the Church of England or Anglican church. where instead of the pope the King or queen is head of the church, there is the High anglican church, and the lower anglican church, as the higher anglican church approved of homosexuality so they split again and the lower anglican church has Christ Jesus as head of the church as most protestant denominations revere the Lord Christ Jesus as the head of the church, i.e “salvation in Christ alone”

          5. Sientje Seinen

            I beg to difffer. as when Christ asked His disciples, who people thought He was, some said “a prophet, and then He turned to Peter, and you Peter, whom do you think I am?” and Peter replied.”Thou art the Christ (anointed) the Son of the Living God” and listen to what Jesus Christ our lord tells Peter. “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you” so who did reveal to Peter that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God? Is it not the Holy spirit? which the Lord God also gives to al believers who repent of their sinful ways and sincerely believe in Jesus being the Christ the Son of the Living God. and it is this same Holy spirit that will reveal to us also that Christ is whom He says He is the Redeemer the Holy one of Israel. and against this faith in Christ and His Word, the gates of hell cannot prevail. Not peter himself as Peter tells the Lord.”depart from me Lord, for I am a sinful man” as shortly after Peter tell the lord that he is lying as Jesus tells peter about that He the Lord will be crucified and peter tries to tell the Lord that this wont happen and the Lord says to Peter. “Get behind me satan” so you see the church cannot be built upon peter but on Christ redemptive work as He sealed the new covenant with His blood, see jeremiah 41 verse 31

        4. David Blyth Reply

          Truth Hurts you should read your Bible a little and ask for guidance

        5. okispider Reply

          Mathew 16:18: “I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” … This was the commission that Jesus gave to St. Peter, one of his disciples to build his church, which has stood the test of time for over 2,000 years.

          1. Sientje Seinen

            As for Matthew 16:18 Here Jesus Christ our Lord and savior asks Peter whom he thinks Jesus really is, and Peter replies. “thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” now listen very carefully to what Christ Jesus tells Peter. “Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you.” so whom revealed this to Peter? was it not the Holy spirit speaking through Peter? why are you giving credit to Peter, when the Lord tells you it is not Peter? therefore believing that Jesus is the Christ, (Messiah) the son of the Living God, against this faith, the gates of hell will not prevail. Not Peter himself, as he denied the Lord three times, Remember that Peter told the Christ that He was not telling the truth, when Christ said that He would be crucified as then the Lord told Peter “Get behind me satan.” so you are wrong in believing that when you belong to the roman catholic church and you will be saved. Christ sealed the new covenant with His blood, see Jeremiah 31 verse 31

          2. David Blyth

            Indeed the Holy Spirit inspired Simon to reply “thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.". In the same way Moses was inspired. Jesus then changed Simon’s name to Kephas (Peter or Rock) – typical when a person’s role in salvation history is defined (eg Abraham, Paul, etc)
            According to Scripture Jesus’ reply differs from your statement “against this faith, the gates of hell will not prevail”. According to Mat 16: 18, Jesus’ statement was: “And I tell thee this in my turn, that thou art Peter, and it is upon this rock that I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Thereafter he promised that He would commission Simon Peter with a level of authority in His Church,
            Indeed when speaking without the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, Simon Peter did receive a reprimand from Jesus. But kindly explain where you Peter telling Jesus that He was not telling the truth.
            After His resurrection, Jesus asked Simon Peter to care for His sheep – meaning “tending His Church”.
            A study of Acts and the writings of the early Church fathers further bear out the role of Simon Peter and his successors.

          3. David Blyth

            You are very confused!
            Worship is reserved for God alone.
            Veneration or reverence can be given to people.
            Read the writings of the early Church fathers to learn about Christianity.

          4. AL YBZ

            Jesus said ” I will build my chruch…” so its clear that Jesus himself is the church and His teachings is as hard as the rock He is pointing to. Nobody, even Peter, was tasked to build an edifice to be called a church. A structure is only a place where believer of Christ come together to fellowship with each other, praising and do worship to Jesus. Sharing and doing communion with Christ.

          5. Sientje

            the difference between roman catholic church and catholic is that catholic means universal. the universal church that acknowledges that Christ is head of the church, as He gave His life for same. The Roman catholic have the pope as head of the church, which the protestants reject, as it was Christ who redeemed His church, not the pope. protestants believe this to be a heresy. As it was the Holy spirit that revealed to Peter that “Jesus is the Christ (Messiah) the son of the Living God,” and against this faith that Christ is the Rock of our salvation, the gates of hell cannot prevail. as He sealed the new covenant with His blood, see Jeremiah 31 verse31

          6. Sylvia Commerford

            Okispider you have left out the rest of what the Lord told Peter, where He said “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you” so who revealed it to Peter that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God?” why are you omitting this, which shows that it wasnt Peter who spoke these Words but it was revealed to peter by the Holy spirit and when confess our sinfull ways to the Lord God and ask forgiveness in the name of Christ the Lord God of Israel pours His love into our hearts so that we ive thanks and praise to His name for sending Christ who redeemed us with His blood, why did Christ say “I am the way the Truth and the Life NO ONE can come unto the Father except through Me.: that includes the pope and you and me and everyone.

        6. Phil Reply

          All that hatre is also not Christ like.

          1. Sientje

            I agree it is those whom believe in their heart that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God and that the Lord God raised Him from the dead are the saints which the apostles are proclaiming the gospels to, as it with us those that acknowledge Christ suffering and look to Him for salvation of of His flock, as He is the Rock of our salvation. the Hojy One of Israel, the roman catholic church is full of heresies and false teachings. which constantine added, in order to make more converts from the Egyptians.

          2. Sientje

            Mary was a prophesy fullfilled, she was of the royal line of David as prophesied by Isaiah. Mary had other children but they did not believe in Christ until after His resurrecwotion. You dont know your bible very well as Eve is the mothowher of all humanity, as the was the first created woman. Christ spoke these Words “Before Abraham, I AM” Mary was not even born yet Beside Mary was Jewish maiden, whom gave praise and glory to the Lord G-d of Israel, her saying “My soul magnifies the Lord” whom do you suppose was she giving homage to and whom sent Christ as a ransom for many? not the roman catholic church, There was no roman catholic church at that time, Nero fiddled while Rome burned remember and the christians were blamed, No authority was passed onto Peter It was the holy spirit that revealed to Peter whom Christ Jesus was. did the Lord not tell Peter “Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you.” and later telling Peter “get behind me satan” when Peter denied that Christ would be crucified. Christ knew this was His mission to ransom those whom are predestined to be called. Listen to how King David refers to the Lord as “The rock of my salvation” not the roman catholic church, not Peter, but the Lord G-d forgives us our transgressions when we come before Him with a humble heart and believing in Christ as being the Holy One of Israel who sealed the new covenant with His blood see Jeremiah 31 vrse 31. and the Lord God sent His holy spirit into our hearts and removes our transgressions as far as east is from the west,solely for the sake of Christ redemptive work we are saved by grace. It is a gift from God, the roman catholic church is just the roman empire now disguises as christian with popes at the head instead of Ceasars to which you give homage instead of giving praise and thanks to the Lord God of Israel, whom redeemed us with His blood.

          3. Phil

            None of us are Christ-like. If we could be we would not need His death and resurrection for our sins.

          4. Sientje Seinen

            When Christ was on the cross, He said to John, re Mary. “Behold your mother and to May re John. “behold your son.” it was to show us how to treat one another as christians as brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. Also Mary is not a Jewish Name and Miriam I would think probably was closer to her name, was of the Jewish faith, giving praise and thanks to the Lord G-d of Israel, not the roman catholic church, which is a human institution whom believes it has the keys to heaven and earth. You are so far of the mark, as Mary or Miriam was a prophesy fulfilled as prophesy have to be fulfilled. She was of the royal line of David. whom also worshipped the Lord G-d of Israel. Christ came to perfect Judaism, and why dont you believe the Holy scriptures instead of the roman catholic church? What did Christ tell Peter after He asked whom Peter thought He was? and Peter said “Thou art the Christ (anointed Messiah) the Son of the Living God” and Christ said to Peter. “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you” so whom do you think revealed to Peter that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God?” Is it not the Holy spirit, and since when we acknowledge like Peter that Jesus is the Christ the son of the Living God,” and believe it with all our heart, mind and soul, then the Lord pours His love into our hearts so that we are able to uphold the commandment “To love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind and soul” and the second “Your neighbor as oneself.” as it is not possible to love your neihbor as yourself without having the love of God in one;s heart. therefore it not on Peter He will build his church, but on that we believe that Christ was send by God and is the Holy redeemer of Israel, whom made the Lord God known to us gentiles also. I dont go by rules except knowing the Christ sealed the new covenant with His blood spoken of by Jeremiah 31 vrse 31, where God speaks of that He will put His laws on our hearts, mind and forehead, and He will be our G-d and we His people, nothing to do with Peter, but the Holy spirit which testifies of Christ saving and redeeming work. and your church has fostered the lie of no salvation outside of the roman catholic church, which is so far from the Truth as it is salvation in Christ alone” the reason He was sent to reconcile a sinful world to God the father in heaven. And it is agains this faith the gates of hell will not prevail as Christ is our strenght and shield whom defend us from the wickedness of this world.

        7. John Reply

          If you WERE a Catholic, then you missed the important parts about the Pope and the congress of Bishops being infallible when in congress with each other and speaking on matters of doctrine. Perhaps you should go read through this link and simmer your obvious anger down a notch. So many who have left our faith have done so out of misinformation about our own teachings. It is a shame to see both sets of comments, as both reflect intolerance and anger, not love and acceptance.


          1. Sylvia Commerford

            John no one is infallibel we ask the Lord for understanding into His Word, the pope is not infallible neither were the church fathers even Paul acknowledges that he is a sinner so does Peter, “Depart from me Lord for I am a sinfull man” you see we acknowledge our sinfull ways and ask forgivenes in the name of Christ and the Lord God removes our transgressions as far as east if from the west, as no earthly priest can forgive your sins. only through Christ does the Lord God look on us with favour. Did King David the apple of God’s eye confess to a priest, no he acknowledged his sin and repented accordingly, calling Christ the Rock of his salvation

        8. Richard Reply

          “You are Peter and upon this Rock I will build MY Church and the gates of hell will NOT PREVAIL against IT”. And since our 1st Pope all the way to Pope Francis 266 Popes later.

        9. Marcella Reply

          May God Bless you ! and touch your heart and give you the right understanding in Jesus name !

        10. Tessie colob Reply

          Why you don’t accept the truth? Since the formed of the church we follow already what the people was doing before, the first Pope was Peter, Jesus said to Peter, Peter upon this rock I will build my church. Jesus gave an authority to Peter and the Popes to be the leader of his church, Pope is our shepherd and our spiritual guidance, we respect Pope so much like we respects our own parents or grandparents.

          1. Sientje Seinen

            hi how deluded you are. Peter was never the first pope, Peter denied the Lord three times, and guess what when Jesus asked Peter whom Peter thought He Jesus Christ our lord was, Peter replied, “Thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God.” and now listen carefully what Christ tells Peter. “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you” so who was it that revealed to Peter that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God? Is it not the holy spirit? and does God not pour his Holy spirit into our hearts when we confess that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God and acknowledge His work of redemption. Here is another question, King david of Israel was anointed with the Holy spirit and calls Christ our redeemer the “Rock of his salvation” and King David never met Peter, who was also a sinner in need of Christ redemption and if you dont believe me look up Jeremiah 31 verse 31 where Christ sealed the new covenant with His blood, wake up the pope is just a sinner like the rest of us in need of the grace of our Lord and saviour Christ the only begotten Son of the Lord God of Israel.

      2. Cookie Reply

        Well said Jason…just cuz you call yourself Catholic, does not mean you are in communion with the Pope…

    3. rosemariemorgan Reply

      I remember well as one of the very few times my father was angry with me and it was because I referred to myself as a Roman Catholic instead of a Catholic. He saw it as a remnant of the persecution of Catholics in England emphasising the belief that our first loyalty was to Rome rather than as British citizens. Of course they were partly right in that we should follow the wishes of our Pope as the Bishop of Rome and the successor of Peter, should his command come into conflict with British law, for example where Abortion, same sex Marriage, Contraception etc is concerned.

      1. David Blyth Reply

        Well stated.
        I prefer to refrain from the term “Roman” Catholic though

      2. Sientje Reply

        Goodness dont you have your own conscience telling you that it is wrong to kill the child within, especially when you follow the Lord God and His commanments. Thou shalt not murder, or kill? Does the Lord not pour His love for Him into your heart when you acknowledge christ as your lord and saviour? isnt this why we uphold the law?

        1. christina Reply

          Please don’t interpret the Bible in your on way.That what other Protestants do. They just say what they like to justify their believes. Its difficult for us to understand the deeper meaning of the verses,so the Catholic Church gives the correct explanation for them inspired by God.And again we don’t consider pope as god,he is a person who helps us to get closer to god and to know him better.the Protestants unlike catholics they create their own verses and tend to lead us through a different path away from Jesus Christ and his teachings.Jesus had warned us about them. So make sure you read the Bible to understand more about Catholic Church as we still remain same unchanged just as Jesus created the church.That’s what I believe.

          1. Sylvia Commerford

            Christina you are explicitly going against the Lord’s commandment “Do not put your trust in mortal men” but put your trust in the Living God of Israel. and are you ever mislead it is Christ who makes the Lord God of Israel known to us.come to know christ and He will reveal His Word to you, as does He not tell you “Behold I am at the door and knock” wanting for you to let Him into your heart so that He makes His Word come into remembrance when you are beset with temptations He is our good shepherd who leads us into green pastures.

          2. Sylvia Commerford

            Christina I dont I ask the Lord God for understanding into His Word and since Christ promised to send His Holy spirit to all who believe on Him and ask Him into their hearts, The Holy spirit makes the Word of God known to us, as it was men who were inspired by the Holy spirit whom wrote the Holy Bible there is no other way to interpret it, as also the Holy spirit searches our hearts and makes our requests known to the Lord God in heaven. repent of your insinuations. it is the roman catholics that have put their own spin on the Holy Bible, as for instance there is no purgatory. and you do not honor the Lord God of Israel with all your statues and praying to dead saints a form of idolatry.

        2. christina Reply

          Please make sure you interpret the verses correctly. Don’t make you’re own explanation. That’s what Catholic Church do they interpret the verses correctly as god want it to be.

      3. Julia Welch Reply


    4. Aldrin Reply

      IFI here in the Philippines are called also Filipino Catholic.. not a Roman but a Filipino Catholic..

      1. ChRaS Reply

        maybe, but in the Philippines we follow the Roman rites, so we are Roman Catholic..

      2. bel Reply

        IFI is not a Catholic nor Filipino Catholic since it is not in full communion with the Pope in Rome successor of St.Peter. It is just a copycat.

      3. felix Reply

        We are all children of one God, iregardless of our race, belief or religious affiliations…

        1. Sientje Seinen Reply

          not true, as in Genesis 3 verse 12-15 it is written “I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and the seed of the woman, she shall crush thy head, and ye shall bruise its heel” and there are children of disobedience and the children of obedience. the children of obedience accept that Christ is the “Way, the Truth and the Life, no one can come unto the Father except through Him” and the disobedient children whom seek to enter by a different way, Just read John chapter ten, where the Lord speaks of those whom try to enter a different way. Christ tells that He is the Good shepherd whom lays down His life for the sheep. Listen to His voice not the pope, not your priest but to Christ whom when we look to Him, conforms us into His image helping us become children of the Lord God. the reason He was sent.

          1. David Blyth

            Your statement “I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and the seed of the woman, she shall crush thy head, and ye shall bruise its heel". The woman is Eve.
            On the cross Jesus instructed John that Mary was his mother – this was understood by the early Church that she became their mother.
            Your suggestion that Mary replaces the Christ is both false and disingenuous.
            If you read the books of the New Testament, you will read the infancy narratives which the early Church would have received from Mary.

    5. MarMay Reply

      The word “catholic” means universal, but our cutch is “Catholic” with a capital “C”. As just explained above, a Catholic is a Catholic, practicing under a rite or according to the customs or traditions of his region. An apple is an apple, be it pippin, green, red delicious, gala, Fuji, etc…, but an orange is a different fruit. Anglicans are Protestant.

    6. Rev. George Gabriel Reply

      Catholic=Universal. You have One Church, established by Jesus Christ. CATHOLICS ARE: Romans (Eastern and Western Rite); Orthodox; Anglicans; Lutherans… ALL CHURCHES SEPARATES from ROME DIRECTLY: ARE “TRUE” CHURCHES… Others are: Denominations… And ALL ARE CHRISTIANS… AMEN!!!

        1. A roma Reply


        2. Sylvia Commerford Reply

          David Blythe not true you know, as when we look to Christ for our salvation and confess our sinfull ways, the Lord God pours His love into our heart to uphold His commandments. to love neighbor as ourselves and to give praise and thanks to Him for sending Christ, those that deny Christ’s redemptive work are from the devil, the pharisees did not believe in Him and so persecuted those that did believe in Christ as their lord and saviour the same with the roman catholic church persecuting the ones whom did not give homage to the pope the Spanish inquisition, since the romans nailed Christ to the cross, the whole world is guilty of crucifying Christ as this was His mission to redeem captive Israel and all those whom the Lord God has elected.

      1. cristina Reply

        So wrong. Not Amen because I don’t believe Anglicans( and all others who protest the catholic church )are Catholic. All faiths stemmed from the one true, holy, apostolic church which is the Holy Catholic Church. I am a Roman rite Catholic but have attended orthodox (catholic) masses. What is most important of making this distinction that to be Catholic you must believe the Eucharist , is the summit and source of our faith, and not just a symbol. It is truly the body and blood of Christ. You can not have His presence to partake of His meal in other place than in a Catholic mass through his priests with the prayer of the faithful and by the power of the Holy Spirit to be in communion and believe what He said to “do this in memory of me.”

        1. Sientje Seinen Reply

          what do you mean believe the eucharist Christ told us that as oft as we come together to remember the Night before He died, that He broke bread with His disciples, and since He is the Word, made flesh, the bread is the Word He spoke lived and died for, and the wine is symbolic of Him shedding His blood on Calvary for the remission of our sins. Christ sealed the new covenant with His blood see Jeremiah 3 verse 31. therefore when we come before His throne with a contrite spirit and humble in heart, in prayer, the Lord God of Israel forgives us our trespasses, when we ask this in the name of Christ our Lord,and the Lord God forgives us our trespasses when we are truly repentant solely for the sake of CHrist redemptive works. as without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of our sins. That is why we need to examine ourselves when partaking of the Lord’s supper

  2. Kabelo Reply

    Am not sure I understand this brother

  3. monet_floro @yahoo.com Reply

    I am confused !

    1. Akah Reply

      Don’t be confused. He just gave a vivid distinction between the ROMAN CATHOLIC and the CATHOLIC CHURCH. The fact that the church is in Rome didn’t make everyone there worship like a Roman. CATHOLIC means Universal. Each part of this world has a Tradition or Culture but the traditions of the bible cannot be changed. Where you are has a tradition likewise Rome. The tradition of Rome can’t be forced to you who is say in the middle east or Africa. The Catholic church follows Biblical traditions which she merges with the tradition of any people. Tradition has to do with dressing, eating mode, building designs etc. For instance a Church Built in Roman must not have the same design like the one built somewhere in the Coast of Africa but the Bible or messages preached in the churches are the same But they are all Catholic!

      1. Michelle Reply


    2. BobbiLynn Harrigan Reply

      Me to

  4. Erlinda M Ursua Reply

    Catholic, broadminded as in belief ,tastes, or view, or comprehensive,or universal in reach.
    Catholic, of or pertaining to the ancient , undivided christian church or later division, as the
    Anglican or eastern orthodox.

  5. Lori Wilcox Reply

    I wish they would start off with: Catholicism is not a religion…its a denomination. Christianity is our religion.

    1. Bruce Bridgewater Reply

      The Catholic Church is NOT a denomination. Protestant churches are denominations. Denomination means “renaming”

      1. Nicoletta Jones Reply

        It’s a “remanimg”. Christianity IS the religion. Catholicism is a branch of Chrisitanity like any other denomination.

        1. Dom Reply

          “IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – Just like that, before there were any denominations like you say .. there was only one truly universal church .. and then certain people decided they wanted to re-think and re-build the Church from within (starting with the chair of the Pope) but they decidedly failed .. and so the very first ‘denomination’ or “re-maiming” was formed when they ‘protested’ .. then further & further re-thinks & re-builds later, you have your denominations.. or the re-‘maiming’s.. But our Catholic Church has remained the very same .. as promised (Matt. 16:18) .. Im so happy & blessed that I was born a catholic .. I feel like I was chosen into the Faith.. I just wish other catholics feel the same way and return home..

          1. Abby Young

            I very much agree with you Dom..the Catholic Church never changed as promised. And it will cover the land on earth until the end of time…Jesus Christ was and is a Jew, coming from the chosen people of the Father in Heaven and through Jesus Christ the Catholics becomes the brothers and sisters of the chosen people of God…And I am happy and we must be happy that we belong to the Catholic Church and are not being a lost Christian.

          2. marmay

            Dom, I couldn’t have explained it better!!! Amen!!

          3. Dom

            Thank you Abby & marmay!! Its just the way i feel.. is all.. 🙂 btw I request you and anyone reading this to pray for me.. I am awaiting a kidney transplant – it will happen very soon.. God willing in the next few months as my brother is the donor.. I strongly believe in intercession (I am Catholic after all) and I believe in the selfless prayers of others .. Thank you in advance.. God bless!

          4. Mwashigadi Mwang'ombe

            True and Amen!

          5. tonia

            May our blessed virgin mary intercede for you I really pray that your kidney transplant goes smoothly for you in Jesus name amen hope to hear a great news soonest the

          6. Susy Barneond

            It’s funny how everyone has an opinion, but people should do some research before they give theirs. You are correct. What matters is that Catholicism is the original Christian religion, established by Jesus Christ himself, when he appointed our first pope, St. Peter. Then, the Protestants left and made their new “religion” and after them so many others decided they don’t like something and they just start what they call a new “religion” but the only religion established by Jesus is ours, the Catholic religion.