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Pope’s visit to Cuba and US will be complex, says Vatican spokesman

Pope Francis's 10th foreign trip will be the longest of his pontificate, Fr Federico Lombardi has said Pope Francis’ 10th foreign trip will be the longest of…

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20 Sep 2014 Q&A Comments (63)

What is the Church's position on tithing?

Full Question I was born and raised in the Mormon Church, went on a mission, and did everything a good Mormon should do, including tithing. Since my wife a…

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08 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (13)

Was the Baptist church kept "underground" by the Catholic Church until the Reformation?

Full Question I have recently been talking, via e-mail, to a Baptist minister who claims that not only was St. Peter himself a Baptist preacher, but the or…

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25 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

If my brother is marrying a non-Catholic, can they have an outdoor wedding?

Full Question My Catholic brother is going to be married next summer to a non-Catholic, and they would like to have the wedding outside. Is that acceptable…

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07 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (5)

My aunt wants to keep her husband’s cremated remains on a shelf in her living room. Is this in keeping…

Full Question My aunt wants to keep her husband’s cremated remains on a shelf in her living room. Is this in keeping with Church teaching? Answer No. The (U.…

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Polish bishops condemn IVF law, warn Catholics to not use process

Poland’s Catholic bishops condemned a law allowing state funding for in vitro fertilization, which was signed into law July 22 by outgoing President Bronislaw K…

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In wake of Pope Francis, bishops urge Congress to move on religious freedo

Citing Pope Francis, the U.S. bishops are urging lawmakers act quickly to pass a bill that would reauthorize the U.S. Commission on International Religious Free…

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For Cubans, the Pope’s visit brought hope - but will it last?

After Pope Francis’ visit as a “missionary of mercy," Cuba is now in a prime moment to move forward in its relationship with the Church and work for the common …

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Clearing up the confusion

It is handy for Catholics who wish to bear witness to our culture to learn how to translate Catholicese into English in order to better communicate the Faith. …

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What should we do about those who receive the Eucharist without believing in it?

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If it is a sacrilege to receive Communion without believing, what are we to do about friends and relatives who receive as a ritual without regard for the true meaning of the Eucharist? What would be the best way to bring this up? Is it uncharitable to assume that they are sinning? There are so many communicants who don’t go to confession, for example, that I wonder if they are somehow protected from the sin of sacrilege by ignorance.


It is objectively sinful to receive Communion without believing that one is really, truly, and substantially receiving Christ. However, those who are innocently ignorant of this fact will not be held accountable for it. Those who are culpably ignorant, on the other hand, are sinning in such a way that they are liable to judgment. They are committing either a venial or a mortal sin depending on the level of culpability for their disbelief.

It is uncharitable to assume that people are sinning. Paul tells us to reckon that others are better than ourselves (Phil 2:3). A good way to bring the subject up would be to talk with people about how much Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist means to you and what a profound and wonderful teaching of the faith it is.

Catholic Answers Staff


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  1. lisa jochan Reply

    That is not exactly true. A sin is a sin. The action of the sin is liable to judgement. To not let the sinner know he is sinning is uncharitable. A Catholics it is our job to care as much about that sinner’s soul as our own. The devil wants us to think about the sinner’s feelings first and then the sin. If that was true – then we would also be judged. Our Lord asked us to fight for him. We must do that every day.

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