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More Reasons for Mary's Perpetual Virginity

In my last post, I gave an abbreviated version of three of the eight reasons I give for Mary's perpetual virginity in my book, Behold Your Mother: A Biblical an…

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21 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Restoration of ties with US a sign of hope, Pope says in Cuba

Pope Francis landed in Havana on Saturday, the first of his 9-day visit to Cuba and the United States, telling officials that the recent normalization of relati…

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Pope Francis’s Commission on Women Deacons: 12 Things to Know and Share

Pope Francis has agreed to create a commission to study the possibility of women deacons. Here are 12 things to know and share. 1. What happened? On…

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Hyatt Hotels changes policy around the globe, removes on-demand porn

In a major policy shift, the global hotel and resort chain Hyatt Hotels is cutting off access to on-demand video pornography in all of their hotel rooms across …

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Full Text of Pope’s address to members of civil authorities and diplomats

Pope Francis was welcomed to Mexico’s National Palace by the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, his wife, Angelica Rivera, his Cabinet members where the Pon…

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Were the Crusades Just Wars?

Written By Steve Weidenkopf This post is the second in a series about the most prevalent modern myths about the Crusades and how to refute them. Some peo…

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From the OT, through the NT till the present day the Church has taught that abortion is intrinsically evil, equal to murder since it is a deliberate termination…

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Vatican officials to attend Pan-Orthodox Council on Pope Francis' orders

Pope Francis will send high-level observers to the pan-Orthodox council meeting in Crete as a gesture of support for the Orthodox Church. The Holy and Great …

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Who ran the Catholic Church after John Paul II died and before Benedict XVI was elected?

Full Question Who ran the Catholic Church after John Paul II died and before Benedict XVI was elected? Answer During an interregnum (Latin: "betwee…

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When considering whether to receive Communion, what constitutes a “grave reason” and “opportunity to confess”?

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The Code of Canon Law states: “A person who is conscious of grave sin is not to celebrate Mass or receive the body of the Lord without previous sacramental confession unless there is a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess” (CIC 916). In this canon, what constitutes “grave reason” and what is understood as “no opportunity to confess”?


The New Commentary on the Code of Cannon Law explains what may be considered “grave reason” and “no opportunity to confess”:

Grave reasons for going to communion without confessing include danger of death and serious embarrassment if Communion is not taken. Lack of opportunity to confess includes absence of a confessor, inability to approach the confessor at a scheduled time for the sacrament, and the availability only of a confessor who is known personally and who cannot be approached without embarrassment. (1111)

Keep in mind that a person in such a situation must still make an act of perfect contrition which includes the resolution of confessing as soon as possible. Also, understand that “celebrate Mass” is what the priest does; a person who is conscious of grave sin but does not have “grave reason” and “no opportunity to confess” may still attend Mass—in fact, ordinary obligations to attend Mass remain—but must forego receiving the Eucharist.


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    What are the examples of grave sin?

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