When does gossip become a mortal sin?

By August 6, 2016 Q&A

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When does gossip become grave enough to be considered a mortal sin?


Unless the matter under discussion is a common news item, when someone’s gossip negatively alters the opinion another has regarding a third person, one has committed a grave action. If it is done with full knowledge and deliberate consent, the grave action then becomes a mortal sin. Gossip is a far more serious matter than most of us like to consider.


  • Jacqueline Harvey says:

    I have been told when you spread true hurting facts that is called detraction. But when you spread false accusations that is gossip, which can be very serious. Am I correct?

  • Cherub says:

    How valid is the mass when a priest does this continuously even after making him see his actions? Also, a priest gossiped to me something about another person without me asking for it. When the person opened up to me the same thing, I could only say then that i am so sorry if you were expecting me to be surprised but fr.____ already told me. The person was shocked and said it felt like having gone thru an ice bucket challenge hearing those words from me because the person only told fr.____ about it during confession. Of course, fr._____ could learn about it throu the person’s neighbor and co-worker. But still it was gossip. I felt I couldnt believe the priest anymore and moreover trust him. Is the priest committing any violation? Is it grave?

  • Elva Lopez says:

    Well your doing the same thing. The mass is valid. No one is perfect were all sinners and human beings.

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