When ISIS threated Rome; the way Vatican responded

The Vatican city has received many threats from the ISIS terrorist group over recent times, though most of the threats came indirectly. Regions and allies to Rome have been attacked by the extremists in the most recent times.

In response to the most recent threats that came along after the Paris attack,Italy has assigned 700 soldiers to extra security details around Rome with the city on high alert because of concerns about a new terrorist attack as the Jubilee of the Year of Mercy is set to commence and will welcome lots of tourist round the world.

Addressing the Italian Parliament, Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, said that security would be tightened around every corner, particularly around St Peter’s Square; he said: “Particular attention has been dedicated to the risk of an attack from the air, using drones."

Minister Angelino Alfano has confirmed that all drones will be banned from airspace close to or around Rome from December 8, as the Year of Mercy commences.



  1. annharkin20@gmail.com Reply

    May our blessed Lady and her angels protect Rome .and drive evil into hell …I stand with our mother and angels

    1. luiz miranda Reply

      The Vatican and its people have nothing to worry about. Their Faith has to be stroner than those who threathen.

    2. judy g Reply

      Blessed and beloved lord take care of all of those people. Please intercede for us blessed and beloved virgin of peace.

  2. pascal omondi Reply

    May GOD Protect HIS Holy Land.Amen

  3. Marlene Reply

    May God be with the Pope and all the people in there. Protect them from any attacks, surround them with Angels

  4. chi Reply

    May the blessed mary protect and guide rome Amen

  5. Moira Petroni Reply

    Most merciful Lord, please protect our Pope and all your people around the world, amen

  6. Dickson Ndonyes Reply

    For the lord is with us, who is against us? God is in Control

  7. Dickson Ndonyes Reply

    God is with us,even before they came out with their threat

  8. mariapia Reply

    May God protect the people, and terminate the hate…. please protect those that have not chose to bring war, but are now exposed due to the hatred that was instilled into hearts of the brainwashed.
    GOD BLESS AND PROTECT the innocent… they have not chose this war.

  9. Sylvester Olaleye Reply

    Father in Heaven ,Protect your Son Pope Francis and all people around world who trust in your mercy ,in the mighty Name Of Jesus Amen

  10. Nora Reply

    Pray will defeat all evil. We just need to pray.

  11. Pacelli Reply

    They may attack and destroy holy places and people but will never be able to destroy our christian faith and spirit

  12. Hubert Reply


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