05 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

Can priests ordain priests?

Full Question First Timothy 4:14 says that Timothy was ordained by priests. Doesn't that contradict the Catholic teaching that only a bishop can confer Holy Or…

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26 May 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East Middle East - Africa News USA Vatican No comments

Christian Homes attacked by Muslim Mobs in Egypt

The Coptic Orthodox church has said a Muslim mob has ransacked and torched seven Christian homes in a province south of Cairo after rumours spread that a Christ…

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13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (5)

How did the Church determine that September 8 is the birthday of our Blessed Mother?

Full Question How did the Church determine that September 8 is the birthday of our Blessed Mother? Answer Usually, the Church assigns dates for p…

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09 Sep 2015 News USA Comments (1)

A call to joy, mercy and hope – LA's three new bishops ordained

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles ordained three new auxiliary bishops on Thursday, including the prominent internet evangelist Father Robert Barron. The …

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20 Sep 2016 News Comments (3)

'Do they understand?' Bishops warn not to trust social media for relationship advice

Divorced Catholics who have remarried civilly are welcome to seek reconciliation with the Church, but they need to be sure they're following the right path, som…

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30 Jul 2016 News Comments (2)

French imam says priest’s killers ‘are not part of humanity’

Muslims and Catholics joined in Friday prayers at a mosque in the Normandy town where Fr Jacques Hamel was killed Muslims and Catholics joined in Friday prayer…

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Patriarch Kirill concludes visit to UK amid criticism

The patriarch met the Queen and Archbishop of Canterbury during his time in London Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has concluded his visit to London amid criticism …

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Orthodox Priest becomes Ukraine's Power-lifting Champion

Fr. Viktor Kochmar , the Rector of the Assumption Church in the village of Chervonoarmeyskoye has won two gold medals in Ukrainian Power-lifting Competition. …

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26 Oct 2014 USA No comments

Colo. bishops refute claims regarding personhood ballot measure

Denver, Colo., Oct 26, 2014 / 04:28 pm .- The Colorado Catholic bishops responded last week to a recent media campaign sponsored by Catholics for Choice against…

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Which Protestant sacraments other than baptism does the Catholic Church consider valid?

Full Question

Outside of baptism, using the Trinitarian formula, how many other sacraments are valid within Protestantism? Please name them. If for example, the Protestant forms of “holy orders” are not valid, can Protestants have a valid Eucharist? Why or why not?


Within Protestantism, the only other valid sacrament is matrimony. The others all require a valid priesthood, which Protestantism doesn’t have. (At a wedding the priest is technically only a witness; the bride and groom administer the sacrament to one another.) Since there are no real priests within Protestantism, there is no real Eucharist, even in those churches in which the outward form of the Mass is retained.



  1. Reynold Mauro Reply

    I’m sorry but your answer in incorrect unless you do not deem Anglicans and high episcopalians Protestants.

    1. Kelsey Reply

      Anglicans and Episcopalians are Protestants…they are not in communion with the Catholic church.

  2. marmay Reply

    Protestantism does not have the same priestly powers that Catholicism has because they broke away from Apostolic Succession.

  3. Dave Reply

    Henry the VIII did not set up a new church when he made himself head of the church of England. He retained the Roman Catholic form of worship. Henry continued as a Catholic for the rest of his life. All priests at that time were Roman Catholic and continued on as priests under Henry. As a result of this, Anglo Catholics (Anglican and Episcopalians) follow on in the Apostolic Succession. Thus our priests have every right to administer Holy Communion. The Eastern Orthodox Church also would be Catholic and have every right to administer Holy Communion. Martin Luther did not wish to set up a new church but was forced to do so by Rome. The priests who went with him and formed the Lutheran Church also have the right to administer Holy Communion. Other churches may also have a right depending on where they evolved from, meaning if they evolved from the Roman Catholic, Anglo Catholic or Lutheran Churches may have the right to administer Holy Communion.

    Enjoy this site.

    1. Kelsey Reply

      I apologize, the Anglicans and Episcopalians broke away before the Protestant Reformation, so technically I think the term that they are considered is schematic Christians. The reason why they are not in communion with the Catholic Church is because their Holy Orders (priesthood, magisterium) is invalid. When Henry VIII “made himself” head of a new church, he deviated from the rules of the church, he wasn’t an ordained priest…the priesthood is therefore invalid. The same goes for Luther and his followers, they were excommunicated and therefore couldn’t celebrate Mass. Also, I want to include that Luther was pleaded to come back to the Church, but he refused. He CHOSE to leave, he wasn’t forced. The Catholic Church is always open to everyone, hence the term “Catholic”…it means “Universal”. While the outward appearance of many non-catholic services may resemble a Mass, the True Presence of Christ is only found in the Eucharist of the Catholic Church, and I believe it also extends to the Eastern Orthodox Church as well. I am coming into the Catholic Church this Easter (only a couple of days away!!), and my former protestant church served communion as well (grape juice and crackers), but the true blood, body, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ was not there. Apostolic Succession means that we can trace back our Bishops and Popes to the very Apostle Peter, our first Pope. Anglicans do not recognize or follow our Pope, they do not have Apostolic Succession, unfortunately! I encourage you, my brother in Christ, to dive deeper into the history of Christianity! You may find some amazing truths about Catholicism, as I did. For example, that Jesus Christ instituted the Catholic Church (Matthew 16:17), and it has upheld for 2000 years. I also recommend reading from our early Church Fathers. (:

      May the Peace of Christ be with you, friend!

      1. Ise Reply

        Welcome Home KELSEY!!!

  4. Andre Reply

    what comprises real priesthood?, what is the criteria for a real priset?

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