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I have not always been a Catholic, although I did graduate from the Catholic University of America. Theologically, I believe I am an Organic Sandwich. As a youth, I was a Catholic, then, in
my middle years, I wasn’t, and, now, I am a Catholic once again. Today, I wouldn’t leave it for a
zillion dollars. In my experience, I first said, “Yes” and did not dismiss anything that was Catholic.
I read self-help books and then I discovered Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Although his jokes about women and his ideas about Communism were outdated, his understanding, interpretation, and psychological insights about religion were superior. These ideas provided me with a spiritual foundation that would last for the rest of my life.

In addition, I am of the belief that you should be whatever you are. Consequently, if you’re Jewish, you should be Jewish, or if you’re a Baptist, you should be a Baptist, etc. If you’re an atheist, you should be an atheist, and read continually, until it’s possible for you to say, “Yes.” If you are engaged in an intermarriage, choose one side, and go for it. This has taken me almost a lifetime to come to this understanding.  Sometimes, it is necessary to re-engineer the fundamentals of life.

Likewise, I think that if you are an accountant, you should be a great accountant, or a great
lawyer, or a fantastic construction worker, or a superb carpenter. You need to become passionately involved in whatever it is you have chosen or life has chosen for you. Sometimes it is necessary to re-define yourself, either because of Alcoholism or whatever, it is necessary to develop a life and occupation almost completely by yourself first, then develop into the best possible mother or father that you can be.

As a teacher, I always thought parents should be great. Parents, who tend to be ‘”helicopter”
ones, are more terrific, in my opinion, than those who don’t care. In the suburbs, most parents
think their progeny should attend an Ivy League School. That is the one and only goal. To achieve
this objective, scores of parents believe that they don’t have to care about anything else. However, if parents swear, most likely their children will swear. If adults smoke weed or do drugs, then their
sons or daughters will swear, smoke, and/or do drugs. If parents do anything wrong, not only will their children learn this behavior, but they will tell their teachers and friends in school and beyond. Parenthood does not come with a manual, but some fundamentals are still true.

This is why the Ten Commandments and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are so very important. These are inheritance by which your children do not have to wait for death to use. If they know them, they can rely upon these truths for the remainder of their lives. However, they need to be carefully taught to make sure these principles stick and are understood. Your children need to memorize them, so they will always be poised to use them, when the need arises.

Life is hard and complete with all different types of both positive and negative surprises. There is no way to prevent them from occurring.  However, if we have done the best we could in the most
important areas of life, then we can say that we have made a difference as a parent, as an employee, and as a person.

By Kathy Farrell



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    This is a nice and honest accounting of your journey toward what your take as the truth. What I find interesting in most of these personal stories of “returning to the Church” is that there is very rarely a consideration that maybe ALL faith is invalid. If you, or any reader of this comment, would like the perspective of a happy, proud atheist, please click on this link. Thanks. https://understandrealitythroughscience.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    This was an unusually uplifting article. I wonder how Catholics will respond to some of her points!

    I struggle a bit with this sentence: “If you’re an atheist, you should be an atheist, and read continually, until it’s possible for you to say, “Yes.”” It’s the act of reading continually, including the reading of the complete bible, that probably does more to create atheists than anything else. Learning critical thinking, challenging your ingrained beliefs, typing the word “debunked” after every search term – these things are unlikely to lead one to faith as one learns more and more about truth.

  3. CJ Reply

    What the hell kind of anti-Catholic bullshit is this? No, you cannot just ‘stay whatever you are.’ You can be whatever you are, but then you must search for truth like you’re going down on the Titanic and the truth is the last piece of flotsam around for you to stay alive on.

    Catholicsay is about 50-50 when it comes to articles staying on point with Catholicity. Sigh.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      I knew it wouldn’t take long for Catholic intolerance to put in a showing here…

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