Why doesn’t the pope settle the debate between creationists and evolutionists?

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Why doesn’t the pope settle the debate between creationists and evolutionists? It would seem the easy way around a tough problem.


He doesn’t do so because a key issue in that debate is beyond his power to settle–the question of scientific fact. His authority to teach extends to matters of faith and morals, not to questions of science. Some people argue the facts support the theory of evolution; others say they don’t. This is more a scientific question than a theological one.

Incidentally, Catholics holding to a form of evolution compatible with Catholic teaching are also “creationists” (although in a different sense of the word) because they affirm the Creator and his necelass=”light-blue” />



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Creationism, Intelligent Design or Theistic Evolution are all unsupported claims, thus, all are not worthy of acceptance. The Catholic Church makes all sorts of unsupported claims on reality. Asking the Pope to comment on it? Where is his true authority to do so? Don’t tell us the Scriptures or Church Tradition, as both are totally unable to be verified outside of Catholic dogma.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    He has to leave it fuzzy. He has a serious problem. The DNA evidence does not support a 2-person bottleneck, and that means no Adam and Eve, no fall from grace, no original sin. Science is just about finished washing out the foundation of the Abrahamic religions. No six day creation, no global flood, no mass Exodus from Egypt, no Conquest of Canaan, and no 2 person DNA bottleneck. There’s really nothing left to support the concept of Yahweh. This is why fundagelicals stick to a literal interpretation, bluntly denying science. They understand the implications of accepting evolution. Without original sin, there’s no need to believe, say or do the right things in order to be “saved.”

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