Why is St. Anthony of Padua invoked for the finding of lost items?

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Why is St. Anthony of Padua invoked for the finding of lost items?


One popular story is that a brother friar of St. Anthony stole a commentary the saint had written. The saint prayed for its return, and the friar was waylaid by a sudden storm that frightened him so badly that he thought it the wrath of God for his sin. He turned around and ran back to St. Anthony to return the manuscript. Since then, so the story goes, St. Anthony has had a special talent in the recovery of lost items. Whether this story is true or simply a pious legend is not something we know for certain.



  1. Erin Lynch Reply

    Please pray that I will find my mother;s wedding ring. It was left to me after she passed and I want to leave it to my daughter when she gets married. I missed it last week when I returned from outpatients at the hospital. I checked there but no luck. I had three rings and now there are only two. I can’t imagine what happened to my mother’s ring. PLEASE HELP ME.

  2. Susan Brandenburg Reply

    What is the prayer we learned as children? Goes St Anthony St Anthony something is lost and can’t be found……. I don’t know anymore.

  3. Nantana W. Reply

    May St.Anthony pray for Mrs.E Lynch to recover her mother’s lost ring, Amen.

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