Why is the monstrance sometimes held with bare hands and at other time with covered hands?

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I don’t know why sometimes the monstrance is held with bare hands and at Benediction they are covered. Isn’t it sacred at all times?


The humeral veil simply draws attention to the sacredness of the Blessed Sacrament. No one is worthy to hold the Blessed Sacrament even with several humeral veils. The use of the veil is symbolic. Our Lord handed the Eucharist to his apostles without such things.


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    Covering the priests hands demonstrates that the Blessing (benediction) is coming from Christ directly in the Blessed Sacrament and not through the priest as at other times. Ordinarily Christ acts through the Sacramental character of priestly orders and the priest acts in persona Christi imparting a blessing. A somewhat analogous thing is done when an acolyte carries the Bishop’s crosier. The vimp (almost identical to a humeral veil) covers the hands to demonstrate that the implement and authority that it represents belong to another.

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