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Why is Tom Cruise featured in ISIS’ in ‘worst ever video’? (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES)

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A bizarre video released by the Islamic State features Muslim celebrations for their holy festival Eid al-Adha.

The shocking footage featured clips from Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

The camera focuses on horrific scenes staged in a slaughterhouse where live men hang from meat hooks and their throats are slit above drains.

In one scene, men are accused of being spies for the United States. They are made an example of by having their throats cut and the camera remained on their bodies as they bled out.

The video was titled “The making of Illusion” and was released the first day of Eid al-Adha, a holy festival translating to “Festival of the Sacrifice” or “Sacrifice Feast.”

ISIS revealed men tied and murdered in a slaughterhouse.ISIS revealed men tied and murdered in a slaughterhouse.

The Sacrifice Feast is generally celebrated with a sacrifice of sheep, goats or other animal to be divided in three parts. The family keeps one part, the second share is offered to relatives, friends and neighbors, and the final section is given to the poor and needy.

Unsurprisingly, ISIS has perverted another Muslim ceremony by spilling the blood of men in place of animals.

No human flesh was shared for the Sacrifice Feast, only a filthy slaughterhouse and drying red drains were left behind.

One Jihad carried a man in each arm to a drain where they had their throats slashed.One Jihad carried a man in each arm to a drain where they had their throats slashed.

Between scenes of gruesome murders and men hung upside-down by their feet on meat hooks, the video played montages of scenes from films some believe is meant to represent spy activity and mock foreign intelligence.

According to Daily Mail, Abu Mohammed, the founder of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, described the footage as “the worst video we saw.”

Men hung by their feet from meat hooks.Men hung by their feet from meat hooks.

He claimed people were being butchered “like sheep” and, in one scene, an executioner carried a cuffed man in each arm to a metal grate.

Above the opening, he slit the mens’ throats and let them bleed out as if there were animals up for the slaughter.

The 12-minute film revealed some of the men hanging from the hooks had already had their throats slit while others awaited their fates.

Scenes from the Nice attack and ISIS-inspired Bastille Day murders flashed across the screen and an executor wields a knife before tied prisoners bend over and dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Please pray for the victims of ISIS, for the families struggling to survive, for an end to the group’s tyranny and for a peaceful resolution.

By Kenya Sinclair



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