Why only 10 commandments?

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Why were God’s commandments limited to ten? It seems that the additions of “Thou shall not rape,” “Thou shall not condone slavery,” and “Thou shall not abuse children” would all be appropriate additions to the list.


There are only ten commandments in the Old Testament because those commandments are a synthesis of the natural law. Other sins are classified by moral theologians under the existing Old Testament commandments. The additions you suggest would fit in various places under commandments 4–10, which deal with how to treat other people.


  1. Annette Reply

    Because Moss, dropped the other tablet.

  2. Moses Reply

    Please I want to know if d fourth commandment made mention of Saturday or Sunday as d sabath day.

  3. Lea Leger Reply

    its only ten but we cant follow all…

  4. Hary Lamb Reply

    Because GOD obviously wanted 10,Why question GOD.

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