Why was Satan in the Garden of Eden in the First place?

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Why was Satan in the Garden of Eden? Why was evil in paradise in the first place?


While mankind had not yet fallen, the angels had already been given a choice to serve God in his kingdom. A good number of them didn’t. Satan was their leader, and he and the other disobedient angels were banished from heaven. This is how he came to be on the Earth.

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    Yeah… if Yahweh-Jesus and heaven are so wonderful, why would Satan rebel in the first place? And didn’t Yahweh-Jesus know in advance when he created Satan that this would happen?

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    Note that while in the mythical garden, the talking snake told the truth. He said they would not die when they ate of the fruit, as Yahweh had threatened, and they didn’t. He said Yahweh was trying to keep them from knowledge of good and evil and as Gen 3:22 says, this is exactly right, but Yahweh punishes them (and us) for something they couldn’t know was wrong!

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