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Origin and Significance of the Shroud of Turin

Many of the faithful sincerely believe that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Without declaring its authenticity, Pope …

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04 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Did Pope Leo X say "It has served us well, this myth of Christ"?

Full Question Non-Catholics have told me that Pope Leo X said, "It has served us well, this myth of Christ." Is this true? Answer Although the qu…

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19 Nov 2014 Q&A No comments

Is there a distinction between acolytes and altar servers? If so, please explain.

Full Question Is there a distinction between acolytes and altar servers? If so, please explain. Answer There is a distinction between the two, an…

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08 Sep 2015 Asia-Pacific News Comments (1)

2 Christians arrested in Laos for spreading faith

Two Christian men who were visiting a Christian family in a Laotian village were arrested on charges of spreading the Christian faith, according a Laotian relig…

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Where does the Miraculous Medal come from and what does this mean?

The story of the Miraculous Medal arises from the apparitions of our Blessed Mother to St. Catherine Laboure, a novice at the motherhouse of the Daughters of Ch…

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Why is missing Mass such a terrible sin when it doesn't affect anyone but me and God?

Full Question Why is skipping Mass such a grievous sin as opposed to murder, which directly harms the life of another person? Skipping Mass affects no one …

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Why should I believe the Bible? What makes it any different than other religious books such as the Koran,…

The Bible is a unique book written over a period of about 1500 years, by approximately 40 different authors. The locations in which these books of the Bible wer…

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17 Mar 2016 Europe News No comments

Group of Peers urges Her Majesty’s Government to reconsider its position regarding the atrocities by ISIS in the Middle East

The brutal killing and persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East must be recognized as genocide by the British government, a g…

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Body found of 24-year-old seminarian who drowned

The young man went missing a month ago after rescuing a fellow kayaker from turbulent waters A body found in Arkansas River has been identified as that of a se…

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Why was the term Holy Ghost replaced by Holy Spirit?

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Why was the term Holy Ghost replaced by Holy Spirit? Have all rites observed this change or just the Latin rite?


The term has nothing to do with rites. It was replaced only in the English language. Due to its unique history, English is a language that has multiple synonyms for almost everything. In this case, we had the words ghost (derived from German) and spirit (derived from Latin). In recent years, the latter has become the more common term even though originally they were synonyms. Thus, in the last few decades Catholic English translators have preferred spirit to ghost, whether referring to the Holy Spirit or other spirits.


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  1. jose Reply

    perhaps “The Holy Spirit of Family Love ” would be a more beautiful word among prayers…wherein “spirit” is “the essence of character” – could encourage people to be “holy” (to be “pure” and of “innocence”), to be a “family” (to accept one another as family members of the same family group), and “love” (to nurture the human needs of people for welfare and spiritual needs to be more caring)…thus, “The Holy Spirit of Family Love” could rather bring love, justice, unity, and peace among all people to unite as one family of humanity as God’s Holy Family on earth…God bless all families…

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