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06 Sep 2014 Vatican No comments

Pope Francis pursues a thaw in relations with mainland China

Vatican City, Sep 6, 2014 / 04:01 pm .- Facing mixed signals coming from the government on the Chinese mainland regarding dealings with the Vatican, Pope Franci…

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23 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

World Meeting of Families begins in Philadelphia

The eighth World Meeting of Families began in Philadelphia on September 22. Attracting over 17,500 participants from 100 nations, it is the largest meeting i…

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06 Jul 2015 Articles Resources Comments (1)

What will we be doing in Heaven? What will we do in Heaven?

Answer: In Luke 23:43, Jesus declared, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in paradise." The word Jesus used for "paradise" is paradeisos which mean…

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19 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

When Pope Francis comes to the US, he won't just talk about the environment

Pope Francis’ ecology encyclical is about a lot more than recycling – it speaks to man’s deepest relationships – and the Pope will emphasize all this in his upc…

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23 Jun 2016 Articles Comments (3)

Can We Evangelize Muslims?

Muslim scholars teach the “doctrine of tahrif,” which means “corruption” in Arabic. Christians and Jews, they claim, have “corrupted” the Torah and the Gospel (…

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14 Oct 2016 Exhortations Comments (2)

Pope Francis: Don't use God to defend your own interests

On Wednesday, Pope Francis warned against making Jesus into the person we want him to be, and thus creating obstacles to a true relationship with Christ and his…

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29 Jul 2016 Exhortations Family Love Doctor with GM Alimba No comments

Three words every couple should know, according to Pope Francis

Married couples were the focus of Pope Francis’ second “balcony talk” in Poland on Thursday, receiving from him three words he has often said are key to a succe…

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27 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

If a person asks in prayer for assistance but no answer comes, should the person just give up praying?

Full Question If a person asks in prayer for assistance but no answer comes, should the person just give up on the prayers? Answer We all like our …

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02 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Why was our child denied anointing of the sick?

Full Question When our three-year old son was hospitalized with a serious medical condition, we sought the anointing of the sick for him. We were told that…

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Why women are needed to help end violence in Africa

Women are the key to reconciliation in both the family and society.

This was the message given to women from nearly twenty countries across Africa who convened this week in Nairobi, Kenya for “The African Women Moving Towards the African Year of Reconciliation” conference.

The three-day meeting was organized by the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) in collaboration with the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) with the support of Missio.

The theme of reconciliation is particularly relevant in the African church this year, as in June SECAM launched the African Year of Reconciliation in conjunction with its 46th anniversary of its founding.

This also comes ahead of the Holy Year of Mercy initiated by Pope Francis, which officially begins on Dec. 8 of this year.
In a homily to the women present at the conference, the Executive Secretary for the Pastoral Commission of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), Father Charles Odira, told attendees that women, and mothers in particular, play a significant role in bringing reconciliation to the family.

“Reconciliation is not about muscles, it is not about shouting, it is not about who is good and who is bad, it is not about who is on the right and who is on the wrong, it is about the heart,” Father Odira said.

“Women are best placed to foster reconciliation in our societies because they have a nonviolent approach; they do not use muscles,” he added.

The fifty participants in the conference are being hosted by representatives from the Catholic Women’s Associations (CWA) in the Nairobi Archdiocese.

“We are so proud to host this big delegation of women from different countries of Africa. It is going to be an enriching encounter and we shall gain from the experiences we shall share,” the CWA Chairlady for the Archdiocese of Nairobi, Sabina Ng’ethe, told Catholic News Agency for Africa (CANAA).

Participant Marie-Claire Nikiema, who chairs the Catholic Women in Burkina Faso, told CANAA she hopes to take what she learns at the conference and apply it to a reconciliation ministry with which she is involved back home. She said her ministry brings women together to understand and console each other, and to share the good news of the Gospel through worship and devotions.

“We are living in a world where families are very fragile and in challenging situations. Some of our countries are experiencing violent conflicts due to religion and even tribalism. We women are conscious of that and have the possibilities of reconciling the world because all begins with the family,” Marie-Claire told CANAA.

In her ministry, she said: “We insist on each woman to reconcile with herself first, then with God, and the rest will follow quite smoothly.”

The topics the participants will reflect upon include the political, economic and socio-cultural context of Africa today, a theological overview of the social doctrine of the Church in the context of Africa today, the role of and opportunities for women in society and the Church with focus on the role of women for reconciliation in Africa in the context of the African Year of Reconciliation (AYR).


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