03 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (28)

Why won't Jehovah's Witnesses accept blood transfusions, even when their lives are in jeopardy?

Full Question Why won't Jehovah's Witnesses accept blood transfusions, even when their lives are in jeopardy? Answer Mainly because their founder…

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11 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (91)

Didn't the Catholic Church add to the Bible?

Full Question The Catholic Church claims to be the guardian of the Bible, but it demonstrated its hostility towards God's Word when it adde…

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18 Aug 2016 Exhortations Comments (4)

God's power overcomes all obstacles - 'I prayed and God said, 'You put in the effort and I will meet…

Jaquie Goncher was only 17-years-old when she was paralyzed from the neck down in a horrible swimming accident. She spent the next eight years in a wheelchair a…

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09 Nov 2016 Articles No comments

Quotes to dig you out of the post-election pit of despair

To (sort of) quote Pope Francis, our election process is beginning to look like “an immense pile of filth." (Laudato Si, pp. 21) In this post-election hour, …

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23 Jun 2016 Articles Comments (1)

The Catholic Guide to Naming Your Baby

The other day I read a charming GQfeature on the do’s and don’ts of naming babies in the modern world. As someone who has had this privilege seven times over, a…

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26 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

May we use birth control to avoid a difficult pregnancy?

Full Question My wife has difficult pregnancies and is terrified of getting pregnant again. She wants to use contraception. Does the Church allow it under …

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20 Oct 2016 Articles Comments (1)

A poet’s journey from atheism to Catholicism

Sally Read explains why she thinks the Mass is a beautiful poem Poet Sally Read has written an honest and passionate account of her dramatic conversion in 2010…

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12 Oct 2016 News No comments

Pope Francis calls for ceasefire in Aleppo after news of more casualties emerge (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES)

Russia has picked up more airstrikes in Aleppo, despite the UN's resolution to halt all Aleppo airstrikes. Renewed airstrikes have been focused on rebel-held…

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15 Sep 2016 News No comments

Pope and Council of Cardinals discuss improvements to selection process for bishops

The Pope and the Council continue to discuss the process of identifying candidates for bishop roles Pope Francis and members of the international Council of Ca…

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Why would Jesus call Jews “hypocrites”?

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During the Ash Wednesday liturgy, my Jewish wife was offended to hear Jews referred to as “hypocrites.” How can I explain to her why Jesus would say such a thing about her people?


Jesus was a Jew himself and was certainly not calling all Jews hypocrites. There are hypocrites in every group (Catholics included). In the Gospels, when Jesus uses terms such as “hypocrites” to describe the people with whom he was dealing, he was not addressing that word to all Jews of his time or all Jews of all time, but rather to those he was interacting with at the time.


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  1. Abdul Schwartz Reply

    Because the Catholics, like the Moslems, take what they want from our original writings and change them to suit their purposes.if Jesus existed, I am sure he would never had done that if he was a pious man.

    Why do Catholics pray to idols?

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