With the eclipse in sight, Pope Francis warns against turning to astrologers and fortune tellers

People are asking for deeper, occult meaning of the upcoming eclipse.

The August 21 solar eclipse will be visible mostly in the United States, but it’s impact is already being noticed around the world. It’s fueling an interest in astrology and fortune telling, as such events often do. Now, Pope Francis has issued a warning against “false securities,” reminding us to trust in Christ.

The August 21 total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States has already made an impact. People are flocking to astrologers and fortune tellers to find meaning in the event.

It’s natural for people to seek meaning in things they don’t understand. This is especially common when the event in question is rare or poorly understood.

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A solar eclipse is the product of the Moon passing in front of the Sun from the perspective of a person on the surface of the Earth. There is no meaning beyond this.

Yet, astrologers are enjoying renewed interest in their trade.

Scientific experiments have proved that there is no connection between what happens in the heavens to what happens in our daily lives. And fortune tellers have repeatedly been exposed as hoaxes, performing cold readings and other tricks to convince customers they are real.

The Bible provides a warning against entertaining these deceptive practices. In fact, the Old Testament suggests harsh penalties for people who engage fortune telling. Today, there are no such earthly penalties, which is a welcome change. However, Christians should still shy away from astrology and fortune telling. Not only are these hoaxes, they are also distractions from what Christians ought to trust, which is Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis reminded audiences on Sunday when he said, “When we do not cling to the Word of the Lord, but consult horoscopes and fortune tellers, we begin to sink.”

Pope Francis connected his comment to the Gospel reading in which Peter began to sink in the water but was saved by Christ. The word of God, Pope Francis said, is “like an outstretched rope to cling to in front of the hostile and turbulent waters.”

We sink when we put our faith in the wrong things. “the guarantee against a shipwreck is faith in Christ and in his word.”



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Please present evidence that there is a difference in effects of astrology’s predictions and the result of prayer. Scientific studies of both reveal the failure of astrology predictions and effects from prayer other than placebo.

  2. Jack Reply

    You may not believe me, and that’s your prerogative, but a girl I know from college who’s two years above me has had Lyme disease for a very long time, at least 2 or 3 years I believe. It’s attacked her joints, fogged her mind, caused nausea and seizures, and I’ve not seen her move about without a cane. It became a chronic condition.

    She recently dropped out of school to seek treatment. Since the CDC doesn’t recognize Lyme disease as a disease she had to pay for treatments mostly out of pocket because medical insurance wouldn’t cover it. Things were looking like a long and difficult recovery with a cure being a maybe at most.

    On July 30 this year, 2017, in her sleep if I’m correct God came to her and told her that He was going to heal her. After that gloriously encounter, she was completely Lyme free.

    You can’t placebo curing Lyme disease overnight. I truly hope you seek the truth fervently and are 100% honest with yourself about it. The Truth will lead you to God and He will set you free.

    If you take nothing else away from this take this: A. God doesn’t answer every prayer with a “yes” and B. Be careful around ticks. Lyme disease really sucks, and treatment is difficult to come by and morbidly expensive.

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      I would love to see evidence of such a healing, please provide it. Thanks.

  3. Peter Aiello Reply

    One distinction that I would make is that there are earthly penalties for engaging in the activities. There may not be the religious legal penalties for sin found in the Mosaic Law; but sin is still punished by God as it was before the Law came into being. Examples would be the Great Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      How do you know that there IS “sin” in the religious sense of the word? Your examples are from Genesis, which has been falsified by science because, for example, there were no “first” humans, there is nothing human’s “fell” from, there was no universal Great Flood, and there is no evidence of historical Sodom and Gomorrah.

      1. Peter Aiello Reply

        The law of sin is our human weakness that makes us do the things that we don’t want to do, and not do the things that we should. This is our personal evidence of sin. Then, bad things happen in the world. This is the consequence of the law of sin. I can’t scientifically prove a connection between the two but the Bible connects the two. There is a recognition of this connection also in other religions. The common term is Karma. Some would say that Jesus superseded this. I believe that He superseded the Mosaic Law, but did not supersede the consequences of sin that were there prior to the Law.

        1. Tom Rafferty Reply

          Peter, you regurgitate the dogma well. Of course, the evidence shows that all religion is probably human myth for comfort, explaining the unknown and for control of the group. I also believed as you most of my life. This explains why I no longer do so: understandrealitythroughscience.blogspot.com. Peace.😉

          1. Peter Aiello

            I use religion for stress management. The priests and nuns didn’t teach me this. I found it in Scripture.

          2. Tom Rafferty

            Yes, there is some wisdom in all of the great religions. It used to give me some comfort. However, my discomfort with most of it got to the point where I had to do independent research. I now get great comfort knowing that I am out of the bubble of non-evidence ideology and can focus on taking control of my life. Meditation on how wonderful reality is and what us humans are capable of for our own good and the good of others without myth and dogma is so liberating. My placebo now is based on the findings of science, not the dogma of religion. Peace.

          3. Peter Aiello

            Stress management is beyond both science and dogma. If a person tends to worry about everything, knowing about science and dogma doesn’t do any good unless you are willing to release the worry. There are different practices offered for this. The one I found in the Bible is to cast all of our care on God and to be anxious for nothing. Before this, I had tried an awareness practice in Eastern philosophy, but the Biblical one was far more effective. The Bible offers the object toward which a person surrenders. For a Christian, it is Christ. I can’t speak for any other object because Christ is the one who finished it off for me. Without having done this, Christian teaching would have remained only head knowledge with no discernible effect. It can only teach you the surrounding theology, which is important; but what you do with it is essential. I hadn’t learned what to do with it when I was growing up. I went into agnosticism at 20 years old with all of my Catholic upbringing and schooling.

          4. Tom Rafferty

            Thanks for the details regarding how you handle stress. I am a retired physical therapist and throughout my career I noticed the wide variety of mechanisms people use to handles stress. There are many similarities within most of them, and what I have found most interesting is that no individual has ever justified to me that their particular method is objectively superior to others. If whatever you are doing works the best for you, go for it. Just understand that there is no evidence one method is superior to another. I just like to live my life within known reality, and use what I have found works the best for me. Peace.

          5. Peter Aiello

            I don’t know of any scientific evidence for what I am saying. For myself, I don’t need it. If what I say resonates with someone else, so be it. People have to experiment for themselves, if they so choose. We can’t control the outcome of our words.

          6. thomraff

            Peter, thanks for your respect interaction. I think I have said all I want to see. Hope your future is bright. Peace

  4. Cavallier Bus (@CavallierBus) Reply

    The Pope should also consider enemies of the Church all the revolutionaries such as MST, FARC. They are so evil like those fortune tellers and sorcerers.

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