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Women celebrate ISIS-sanctioned burka ban

A new burka ban has left women burning the coverings and celebrating their liberation.

Daily Mail reported an ISIS-sanctioned ban of all burkas from their buildings and sections of Mosul.

After several ISIS commanders were killed by women wearing burkas, ISIS has outlawed the extremely conservative garb.

The inability to identify the attackers has left the terrorist group raging and the women celebrating.

The normally strict dress code for women was to completely cover their identities by wearing the burkas, leaving their faces, eyes, body shapes and hair entirely unidentifiable.

Now, ISIS demands women reveal their faces in certain areas in hopes of reducing the number of inside deaths.

Women happy to be freed from the material burn their burkas.Women happy to be freed from the material burn their burkas (Yazer Osman).

To celebrate, women dramatically removed their burkas and a group of young girls and younger women danced around a discarded covering left to burn in the street.

Unfortunately, any woman outside the security centers are still required to wear burkas.

Before the ban, ISIS’ “morality police” roamed the streets to ensure all women met the dress code.

Should any woman be discovered to be in violation of the code, they would be beaten or killed.

Without the ability to hide behind a veil, assassins targeting ISIS officials are forced to find more creative ways to carry out their attacks.


By Kenya Sinclair


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