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30 Jan 2016 Articles No comments

Curricula: The Catholic Church's Hierarchy

The hierarchy connotes the totality of powers established in the Church for the guiding of man to his eternal salvation, but divided into various orders or grad…

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22 Dec 2015 Articles No comments

Tips: Top 5 Christmas gifts for your Spouse

Every Christmas people experience the magical transformation from boring every-day streets to beautifully decorated storefronts, holiday music and the sounds of…

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15 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (18)

Without an annulment, is it OK to date as long as we are chaste?

Full Question My husband and I married in the Catholic Church, but now I am separated from my husband and in the process of divorce and annulment. Priests …

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04 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A No comments

What Must Be Done For A Valid Baptism?

RESPONSE: For valid baptism to occur, the Catholic Church requires proper matter, form and intention. The proper matter is “true and natural water.” The proper …

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10 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Are we morally obliged to boycott businesses that support abortion or that grant same-sex benefits to employees?

Full Question Are we morally obliged to boycott businesses that support abortion or that grant same-sex benefits to employees? Answer You are und…

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19 Sep 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Africa will save marriage, family, Cardinal Sarah vows

“It will be Africa, and therefore the Church, who will save the family,” Cardinal Robert Sarah said in an interview with the National Catholic Register. Card…

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08 Apr 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis will visit refugees in Greece, Vatican announces

The Vatican announced on Thursday 7th April that Pope Francis will travel to the Greek island of Lesbos next Saturday, April 16, where he will meet with ecumeni…

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14 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (33)

How can we find happiness in heaven if someone we love goes to hell?

Full Question How can we find happiness in heaven if someone we love/know goes to hell? Some people say we will be satisfied with God's justice, but this s…

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08 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (37)

What's The Book of Mormon about?

Full Question Mormon missionaries have been bugging me to read their Book of Mormon. I don't plan to do so since it is false scripture, but I would like to…

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World Cup 2014 influenced timing of Benedict XVI’s resignation, says aide

The retired pope had hoped to stay in the papacy until 2014, according to Mgr Georg Gaenswein

The long-time personal aide to Benedict XVI has said the retired pope had hoped to stay in the papacy until 2014 but resigned a year earlier because of the World Cup.

Mgr Georg Gaenswein’s comments about Benedict, who stunned the world in February 2013 by announcing he would be the first pontiff in 600 years to resign, came in a speech the aide gave in Munich last month.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera carried excerpts on Sunday from the speech, which was delivered when Mgr Gaenswein presented The Last Conversations, a book based on interviews with Benedict XVI by German journalist Peter Seewald.

In his speech, Mgr Gaenswein said a doctor had told Benedict he could no longer take trans-Atlantic flights. That posed a dilemma, because as pontiff, Benedict would have been expected to appear at World Youth Day, with its latest edition at the time being organised for Rio de Janeiro.

At that time, World Youth Day gatherings were being held every three years, and by that timetable Brazil would have hosted the event in 2014.

“But World Youth Day that should have taken place in 2014 was moved because of the soccer World Cup,” which Brazil was hosting in 2014, the aide note.

“Otherwise he would have tried to resist until 2014,” Mgr Gaenswein added.

Benedict XVI , 89, now lives in a Vatican convent, stepped down from the papacy on February 28, 2013, five months before the World Youth Day gathering, which was attended by Pope Francis, who succeeded him as pontiff.

In the speech, Mgr Gaenswein said that in the early 1990s, Benedict, then in his role as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, told John Paul II he could no longer work as the Vatican’s watchdog for doctrinal orthodoxy as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Ratzinger had suffered a brain haemorrhage, prompting the request to resign the post, Mgr Gaenswein said, but John Paul “categorically refused his resignation.”

After Cardinal Ratzinger in 1994 suffered an embolism, vision in his left eye deteriorated, Mgr Gaenswein said.

“From that point on, thus, already years before his election” as pope, in 2005, “he saw very badly with his left eye. But he didn’t let it weigh him down. A semi-blind pope! Who would have ever known?” Mgr Gaenswein added.

The aide, who still assists Benedict XVI, expressed sadness that the churchman no longer can take the long walks that were part of a cherished routine.

“Today I see with my own eyes how that passionate stroller is able to complete day after day only ever shorter steps,” he said.


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